Baytown Barbell

  • Barbell Training in Baytown TX

Nearly 40% of all CrossFit workouts involve some type of Olympic movement or accessory work. Being strong and efficient at these movements would allow one of Baytwon Barbell’s athletes to gain an advantage on their peers. So in short if you can snatch and clean & jerk better you will be better at CrossFit.

Olympic lifting allows an athlete to learn the way their body moves. Muscle synchronization, balance, flexibility, and coordination as well as strength, speed, power, and metabolic development are all things you can expect to develop while training with Baytown Barbell. Olympic lifting also allows an athlete to understand how to produce force. Force, in terms of strength training and athleticism, is the body’s ability to recruit and initiate muscular contraction. Greater ability to produce force means greater ability to act upon external load, greater ability to control/manipulate the body in space, and greater ability to maintain efficiency with higher-repetition sub-maximal endeavors.

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