1% Change

As a business owner I try to educate myself as much as I can. From reading books and articles to listening to podcasts and sitting in on webinars.  Although I have learned a lot over the last couple years a common theme in many of these self educating avenues is “make a small change and you will find big success.” Different people call it different things from a “2 mm shift” or a “1% change” it doesn’t matter because it has the same impact.

What I realize now is that the same application can be made to someones CrossFit life. Many times people will tell me, “My biggest goal is to get my first pull up!” But the only practice they give themselves is when pullups show up in workouts.

It is not very often that someone will walk in and do a perfect pullup or get a muscle up on their first day. It takes time and practice to get there. If you want to get better at something you need practice and you need to practice often.


There is a list of about five movements that if everyone had they would be happy.

  1. Pullups
  2. Toes To Bar
  3. Double Unders
  4. Bar & Ring Muscle Ups
  5. Handstand Pushups


All of these movements involve a high level of skill and some combine timing and coordination but all can be learned relatively quick with some practice. Each one of these has progressions to them. Some start with strength and others start with technique, but no matter what you will not learn these quickly unless you practice.

If you want to do double unders get to the gym early and practice for five minutes before class. If you want to get your first pullup stay after class for five minutes and practice. If you want toes to bar but do not have the core strength yet hit some sit ups and other ab exercises at home. Whatever the movement is you have to practice.

Most of the time the whole reason you came to CrossFit is because you wanted some instruction, and our instruction doesn’t end on the main floor. A good coach succeeds at off the floor coaching as well. Grab a coach and have them give you some ideas for how you can attack your goals. Many times you can schedule a private session with one where they can spend a little more time focused on you.  

The common theme to this blog was PRACTICE. Five minutes a day could change your workouts. If you never have to scale your workouts will be a lot more fun and having fun is how you get results!


Richard Andrews


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