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This challenge was designed by OptimizeMe Nutrition and focuses on ensuring a baseline level of fruits, veggies, and protein every day — without weighing and measuring everything and without restricting anything! Hence, it’s “lazy” but still offers significant results. 

It combines the #800gChallenge® (eating 800 grams, by weight, of fruits and veggies each day) with a protein target.  By setting a target on these underrepresented items in most diets, the overall quantity is reduced as well as a more even macronutrient balance is achieved.

In addition, points are awarded for working out AND achieving enough sleep – an important and overlooked aspect to one’s goals. Therefore, the Lazy Macros Challenge tackles the 4 major areas (diet quality, diet quantity, exercise, and sleep) that affect the goals most everyone wants: better body composition, performance, and overall health. Here’s a one-sheet with all the rules and scoring details.


September 9 – October 18, 2021


You can register HERE 


We will host a meeting at the gym to go over all the challenge rules and answer your questions. Be sure to be there!

  • 1:30 PM – Sunday 8/29/21


$20 for members

$27.50 for non-members


We will be using Wodify Rise to log scores and leaderboards throughout the challenge. More info on scoring can be found here. (we have added some tiered scoring for working out. If you workout at a CrossFit Gym you will get 2 points, if you do an at-home workout or a workout at globo gym you will get 1 point, and a 20+ minute run will be worth 1 point as well. 0


We will have discounted and free members types as prizes, supplements, and sponsor swag bags. (all dependent on the number of sign-ups)


Pull-Up Teams

Team 1 – Chase and Katy Team Captain

Team 2 – Cloud & Chrissa Team Captain

Team 3 – Jamie & Richard Team Captain


Are Fruit Smoothies Good For Post Workout?

For avid exercisers or anyone who exercises with the hopes of seeing results, post-workout nutrition is one of the essential parts of your daily intake.

Most already know that you should be or are taking a protein shake after a workout. We do this because exercise is catabolic, which essentially means that we are breaking down muscle. We stop catabolism by replenishing our bodies with amino acids to help repair and build muscle rather than break it down. So you are not wasting a workout without a protein shake, but you are not helping it either.

I recommend taking a whey protein powder and mixing it with water. Whey protein is very high in amino acids, particularly the amino acid leucine, which is the most crucial amino acid for building muscle and is an amino acid missing from plant-based proteins. In addition, because of how it is processed, whey protein, in particular, is very fast-digesting and gets through your system very quickly and gets those amino acids into your bloodstream.

So protein helps us repair the damaged muscles, but it does not replenish the fuel that your muscles need to work well. For that, we need carbohydrates. Your muscles preferred fuel source is called glycogen, and it is used to help us power through tough workouts or heavy working sets. It allows your muscles to recover faster and allows muscles to grow. We replenish these depleted stores by intaking carbohydrates post-workout along with our protein shake or in our protein shake.

So for most people, we think post-workout protein-filled fruit smoothies are perfect, but it isn’t. Most carbohydrate sources are taken in by the body and processed through the digestive system, turning into blood glucose. So when you take in simple or starchy carbs post-workout, your body will break them down quickly and turn them into blood glucose, which will then be taken to the muscles for repair and glycogen storage.

Most people understand that fruits are carb sources. The difference between fruit and simple or starchy carbs is that fruit is converted into fructose and then into blood glucose. Fructose has an extra stop at the liver to be processed there before entering into the bloodstream as glucose. This means that it will take a little longer to get into the bloodstream, which, post-workout, is not something that we want. Also, with high consumption of fructose daily or just a high intake of calories daily, your liver may get overloaded. So instead of converting fructose to glucose, it turns it into fat and sends it into the bloodstream, not what we want post-workout, or anytime really.

Lastly, besides not being calorically dense foods, fruits typically do not cause an insulin spike. Post-workout carbs need to be higher on the glycemic index. This means it needs to have a glycemic index of 70 or higher. A higher glycemic index presumably creates a post-workout insulin spike. Postworkout is a good thing because insulin is an anabolic hormone, which means it will rebuild and repair.

I love fruit, and I think that it should be a part of everyone’s diet. They are packed with micronutrients, and I think most are great snacks in moderation. However, I do not like that many people will stop at the local smoothie shop post-workout and get a smoothie on their way home. Although it is better than nothing, you could have something better at the gym, and it would be less expensive, but if it is your only option or your preferred option, make sure of a few things.

  1. That they are using 100% whey protein. Most shops will use a soy-based protein because it is cheaper, and they can still say, “25g of protein.”
  2. Ensure that you are not getting one with tons of fruit. Stick to the smaller size to limit the fruit and the calories.
  3. If it is post-workout, do not add peanut butter. Although it tastes great, it slows down the digestion of everything else, and this is not what we want post-workout.

I also think that too many people who regularly drink smoothies believe that they are a meal when they are not. Fruit smoothies are a snack or a treat, and to consume them regularly as a meal replacement is not ideal. Instead, save the smoothies for a post-dinner treat with the family; they are a better option than Dairy Queen but fall into the same category.

If you have questions on what post-workout protein and carb sources I recommend, send me an email with the title. “What’s Up Rich!”
[email protected]



Aesthetics vs Performance

Aesthetics vs. performance is one of the most talked-about subjects in the exercise world. 

It works like this, training for performance can cause some serious aesthetic results, but training for aesthetics will not necessarily provide someone with performance results. 

In sports, it is not uncommon to judge everyone on the other team based on what they aesthetically look like before you play against them. It is also not unusual for the most shredded and jacked guy to be the worst, while the guy who looks overweight is one of the best.

If you look at many professional bodybuilders, they look great but would probably have trouble getting over a fence when running from a chihuahua. Compared to a professional CrossFitter who looks great and could not only run away from the chihuahua but jump multiple fences, swim across a pond, pull themselves up onto a ten-foot platform, rest and repeat. 

It takes a lot less time to burn fat and lose weight doing CrossFit than a regular gym program. I have done both, and the amount of time it takes to see results from a bodybuilding program is not something I want to do. CrossFit is a more strenuous program, yes, but it takes way less time. 

Now when it comes to CrossFit, it is possible not to be aesthetically perfect and be good. I consider myself to look fit or have an athletic build, but I certainly do not look like a professional CrossFitter. Yet, I am still one of the top ten fittest people in the greater Houston area, train once a day, and eat whatever I want. Aesthetics does not mean performance. 

When I was training multiple times a day, my body looked different from it now. Being a little older, my body does not burn calories the way it did before, and that means I need to change something if I want to get back to having a six-pack and feeling good about the way I look again. 

I proved that you could out-train a bad diet for a long time, but at some point, that comes to an end. So we are starting a pull-up challenge at the gym next week, and I am making it a point to start focusing on what I am doing outside of the gym to get my body looking the way I want it to. 

I am going to start by doing a few simple things outside of my pull-up goals. 

  1. I am going to count my calories. I will track all the food I take in to make sure that I am not overeating or undereating. 
  2. I am going to count my macros. Essentially I am going to put a focus on what each one of my meals is composed of. 
  3. I will shoot for 15,000 steps each day and close all my rings on my Apple Watch. 
  4. I am going to get at least 30 minutes of exercise in a day. 
  5. I am going to plan and time my meals each day. 

I know that if I do these five things and my pull-up challenge work in six weeks, I will see some serious results. I will use Precision Nutrition’s calculator to figure out what my daily caloric intake should be and my macros for each day, and I am going to use MyFitnessPal to track these daily. On days that I cannot get a full class workout in because of scheduling, I will do our NCGO program or at least a part of it. 

If you sign up for the pull-up challenge and want to do these five things with me, I will calculate your calories and macros and give you access to our NCGO workouts. Then, I will do a little clinic Saturday to talk about all of this and show you how to use MyFitnessPal, and I will add you to my group on MyFitnessPal so we can all keep each other accountable. So let’s get our bodies on a jump start for the summer together!






BayWay CrossFit has found a new home!

In a little bit of an unexpected fashion, we moved locations two weeks ago. Sometimes life throws you lemons when you expect to get hit with oranges, but the best thing you can do is take them and make some lemonade, and we are doing that!

We moved to a more central location in Baytown, 5519 East Road, Baytown, TX 77521.

The building square foot is a little bigger than the one we were in before, but we have had to be a little creative with how we have it set up for classes.

We have only taken a step forward with this new location; like anything else, there will be some adjustment time but give it a few weeks, and we will be running like a well-oiled machine!

BayWay CrossFit just passed its eighth anniversary with CrossFit on May 3rd, and in November, it will make nine years for me training people in Baytown! It has been a heck of a ride, and I am super excited for this new chapter.

We are back on our normal gride with daily social media posts, videos, and blogs.

I can’t thank everyone enough that has helped us along the way with anything from moving to installing. BayWay CrossFit would not be what it is today without this incredible community we have.

Love yall!


Summer Teen Excel Class

Teen Excel Class is a strength and conditioning program designed for both athletes and non-athletes ranging from ages 12-18. The program combines age-appropriate weightlifting and gymnastics with high-intensity training to deliver optimal fitness and performance. We will focus on teaching proper techniques so that we can optimize power and strength outputs. Teaching young people to move their bodies through space and then objects around their bodies is key to developing as an athlete or growing as a person. The program will be generalized, and not sports specific, but that does not take away from its validity. This will improve the athletic capabilities of any kid but also grow the fitness of a teen that is a non-athlete by teaching them to move and teaching them how to live a healthy lifestyle. I ran this program last year with a small private group and had a lot of success with each kid that I worked with. We partnered with the leading youth strength and conditioning programmer to help create our summer program this year. I’d like to open it up to more teens this year on a limited basis, see below for details. There is also a sample workout day at the bottom of this page as well as sign-ups!

Starts: Monday, June 14th.

Time: 12-14 year olds 10:30-12:00pm15-18 year olds 2:00-3:30pm

How many days: Class will be held Monday, Wednesday, Friday – every week until August 13th.

Cost: $115 for 10 class punch card (40 day expiration, w/ auto renew) – $300 for entire summer (prorated amount available on last month if needed)

Limit to 10 Kids in each session.


5:00 Foam Roll

5:00 Dynamic Warm-up

5:00 Banded Stretching


2 x 10
1 x AMAP (Rookie 7 x 3, JV 5 x 3)

3 x 10

Max Strict Pull ups 2 x Max



100M Run, then – Medicine Ball throw for distance, Sprint to ball
10 Tempo Air Squats (5-2-5-x)


10 Pallof Press
25-50 Barefoot Single Leg Pogos


1:00 Pigeon stretch 1:00 Couch stretch 1:00 Lat smash




  • after sign up I will email you to get details on your teen and place them in the correct session. please use your teens email address for the sign up. if you are signing up more than one kid they will need separate email address.

Is Your Protein Doing Anything?

After reading this, do not be upset, but the protein you are taking is probably doing nothing more than checking the box on your daily macro intake.

The supplement industry has become such a lucrative business over the last 20 years with the fitness industry’s growth. Anyone who was into fitness 10+ years ago knows how excellent supplements were. From fat-burning supplements to post-workout supplements, we use to have the best products available. Since then, more regulations have been placed on the industry, so these companies’ profit margins have also been affected. Like any other business, they have learned to cut costs in different places, and protein powders and ready-to-drink (RTD) proteins have taken an enormous hit.

We take protein powders or RTDs post-workout because of the branch chain amino acids (BCAA’s) that they contain. Our body uses these to repair the damage that we caused our muscles during our exercise. Of all the BCAA’s, there is one amino acid that is more important to building muscle than all the others, and that is Leucine.

As regulations on supplements started, this amino acid has begun to be cut more and more from protein powders and RTDs. More and more companies are sourcing their protein from cheaper sources and losing a lot of its potency. Their only goal is to trick people into thinking that the protein is good because of its grams.

For most people, we need just over 3 grams of Leucine for every protein intake, including our post-workout shakes. (the more muscle mass you have or bigger you are, the more Leucine you need.) If you took the purest protein source, one that has not lost any of its potency, in 25 grams of protein, it would contain 2.5g of Leucine. So in most cases, the purest forms of protein do not have enough Leucine to support muscle growth in the everyday person. So imagine how little Leucine you are receiving from lower-grade protein powders and RTDs.

My suggestion is to check the labels of all your protein supplements. Look to see if they list the amount of BCAA’s on their label. Most likely, if they do not, you’re looking at a supplement to your macros and not your recovery. Sometimes protein powders and RTDs will have a proprietary blend of BCAA’s. This means they can list the number of grams it contains for all BCAA’s but avoid listing how much of each. Most likely, they cut corners here as well, but better than not listing at all. The best protein powders will detail precisely how much each they have. If no additional Leucine is added, you’ll have 2.5g of Leucine for every 25g of protein on the label. This means you will need to supplement with additional Leucine, which is not a big deal; it is a cheap supplement that you can buy on amazon. Depending on how much protein you eat with each meal, you may need additional Leucine supplementation with every meal.

Do your research, buy quality products, and be price-conscious, but buy products that help you meet your goals.

I hope this helped!


Jamie N. – Athlete Spotlight


Jamie N.

Baytown, TX

Age: 40

Occupation: Teacher

When did you start CrossFit?
Summer 2015

When did you start at BayWay CrossFit?
October 2017

What are your favorite movements or workouts?
My favorite movements would be deadlift and push press.

What are your least favorite movements or workouts?
My least favorite movements are thrusters!

Tell us about your sports & fitness background?
I have no background in sports. I have never been involved in any athletic event. I was a member at a gym as an adult. However, I never used the weight room.

How did you first get exposed to CrossFit? Take us back to your first WOD…what was it, and how did it feel?
I don’t remember my first wod exactly, but I remember what I felt like. I was so intimidated at first, even to walk in. It left me worn out but so challenged. I fell in love with the community!

What sort of changes have you seen in your body, health, and fitness since starting CrossFit?
I have gained so much strength! My overall confidence in what I can accomplish has grown. I have gained knowledge that will help me maintain a healthy lifestyle.

What sort of changes in your life have you experienced out of taking on something like CrossFit that were totally unexpected?
I was not expecting to find a new family. I just wanted a good workout, but CrossFit gives you so much more. Some of the best people I have ever met have been the athletes working out next to me.

Please share with us any favorite CrossFit/BayWay CrossFit Moments?
Anytime we get together for a big workout or event!

Any advice for people just getting started?
Just start. Walk in the door. Pick up the weight and do it!

Want to try us out???? Sign up for a free class here:


Fitness = Health

How many times have you had a friend tell you, “I can’t tomorrow. I have a doctor’s appointment.” Or maybe they are taking a parent to the doctor. What about the person at work who is always missing because they have to go to the doctor or are sick.

Too many times, I have received an email saying, “Hey Rich, I need to start on something asap. The regular gym has never worked for me, but I need to get going now; at my yearly physical, the doctor told me my XYZ’s were all out of whack, and if I continue down this path, it won’t be good.”

We do this to ourselves. We eat like crap and never set foot into a gym. We complain that CrossFit is too hard on our body as we put more trash into our mouths, sit around more, drink more, smoke more, and sleep less.

There is never a doctor that goes, “Well, sir, it looks like you have bad knees, and that is what led to your heart disease.” We constantly use excuses to find a reason not to do something, especially exercise.

Last week I wrote a blog about stopping time through fitness by improving workouts in the gym. I used examples like running a faster mile time each year or lifting more weight than you did last year. No matter how much or how little you improve, an improvement stops time.

People get too caught up in what the scales say and not enough about what the doctor says. I have known many people in my life that looked like they could be on the cover of a magazine but have more internal health issues than I can count.

Aesthetics doesn’t mean health. Stop focusing so much on what you look like on the outside and start focusing on what’s going on inside your body. Each year you should see things improving like blood pressure or bone density. More often than not, if we are becoming healthier on the inside, our physical appearance will change for the better as well.

If you are struggling with getting your fitness journey started, do not go sign up for the $30/month place where you are left to yourself to figure out how to improve your fitness. Hire a trainer or join a CrossFit gym. Yes, it’s more expensive, but I can promise you the doctor bills that come with being sick will cost you a lot more.

FITNESS IS A LONG GAME. This isn’t something that is going to happen overnight, or in the next couple of months, or even next year. It could be a long time before you see serious, LASTING results. It takes time, but it will be worth it. Invest in yourself.

See you tomorrow,



Stopping Time

We all start exercising to make ourselves better, but at some point, we get tired.

Some people are just motivated to exercise because they want to. Others need a reason. I use to be one of those people that just could not wait to get to the gym, but since I have stopped competing in CrossFit and weightlifting competitively, I just haven’t had the want like I used to. So lately, I have been trying to do more competitions so that I have a reason to hit a workout each day.

Some do not want to compete, so they need another reason to show up to the gym each day.

The main reason anyone should workout is their health, but even with a global pandemic, people still do not care about their own health all that much. It is common to think that taking supplements or following gimmicky diets is going to make us healthy. Right now during the pandemic, there are tons of misleading information on how to defend yourself against COVID. The best way to fight off COVID, besides the vaccine, is having a robust immune system, a healthy body, and lungs are really the best defense. All are strengthened through exercise!

If you have loved ones, your health is essential. The longevity and quality of your life means more to them than it does to you. You should choose to be healthy for them more than for you. They may need you forty years from now; you need to be there for them.

The first step is getting into the gym and being consistent. Consistency is key. It is more important than anything else.

I have a member of about six years, and he is one of the most consistent people I have. He is almost 50 but does more than the people half his age at the gym. The reason, he shows up, and he shows up often. He does his thing every day, we do things that he can do, and he tries to just take one step forward each day. He told me a couple years ago that he doesn’t care about his scores, weights, or anything else. What he cares about is stopping time.

To him, his age increases each year, but his body isn’t. If this year he lifts 200 pounds and next year he lifts about the same, to him, he is stopping time. If this year he runs an 8:00 mile and next year runs about the same, he stops time.

By staying fit, he can keep up with his family and be there for them for as long as they need him, essentially stopping time.

Don’t just do it for you, do it for your loved ones.


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