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Front Squat (4 x 4 – Across – 85% or +20/+10 lbs from x6)

***please have all your equipment on at the start of class. (shoes, socks, knee sleeves, belt, elbow sleeves, grips, gloves, wrist wraps, sweat bands,shirts, head bands, etc…)


Metcon (Time)

For Time:

60 WB

60 Cal Bike

60 TTB

RX+: 30/20 – TTB x 5

RX: 20/14 – TTB x 3

SC: 16/12 – Vups
*the ttb requirements of RX and RX+ is 5 reps in a row for RX+ and 3 reps in a row for RX. If you do not complete 3 reps in a row and want RX then you would have to remove the 1 or 2 reps that you did do. For example, if you had 3 reps completed and jumped up to the bar and strug together 2 reps (4&5). If you wanted RX you would have to go back to 3 and try again.

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