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Warm-up (No Measure)

2:00 ROW/BIKE/RUN (Increase pace every :15)


4 ROUNDS (:20 work, :10 rest)

MOVT 1 — Up-Downs

MOVT 2 — Inch-Worms (no Push-Up)

Into …

4 ROUNDS (:20 work, :10 rest)

MOVT 1 — Active Bar Hang

MOVT 2 — Push-Ups

*1 Round = Both Movements


Metcon (Time)



Cal Row

C2B Pull-Up

Strict Dips (Ring, Box or Bar)

*Weight Vest Optional.

(Score is Time)

*Reps, Loading, Volume*…

Cal Row — Athletes should be able to complete the first row in under 1:15-1:30- scale this volume and subsequent calories accordingly.

C2B Pull-Up — athletes should be able to complete in quick sets- scale the volume so you can continue working.

Strict Dip — we want to preserve the STRICT stimulus, so scale the volume accordingly.

*Movement Adjustments*…

Cal Row — we can sub Cal Bike or a 50ft Shuttle Run each round if we don’t have access to a rower, or if you cannot Row.

C2B Pull-Up — we can sub a Ring Row or a Bent Over Row for those that cannot hang. We can also sub a DB Strict Press or a DB Deadlift if you cannot pull, depending on the restriction.

Strict Dip — we can sub a Push-Up, or a DB Floor Press if an you cannot perform Dips today.


Metcon (No Measure)


15 Slow Tuck-Ups on Rower

1:00 Hollow Rocks

-Rest as needed b/t Sets-

(No Measure)

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