3 Things Keeping you From Getting Better

Sometimes we feel like we are stuck in one place with our training. Unsure if we are getting better or how we can take that next step. Many times we need a very little change that will spark a huge improvement. Here are my three most important changes you need to make to keep you on track.


Set Goals:

Whenever someone starts an exercise program, it is easy to set the goal of, “I want to get in shape” or “I want to lose weight.” Both of those are great goals but not exactly going to provide you with an emotional achievement that you need to keep on track. Instead of saying that you would like to lose weight set a goal to, “Drop two pant sizes.” Instead of setting a goal to get in shape set a goal to, “Improve your mile time by thirty seconds.” These are actual goals that when achieved will provide you with an emotional reward as well as the physical one. These goals will also allow you to set a game plan to accomplish them.


Sleep Enough:

This is the category everyone already knows. We all know that good night sleep is going to help us recharge and recover, but no one wants to hear it. Anyone not getting at least seven hours of sleep is putting their workouts at risk. Many of you will read this and say, “There is just no way that I can get to bed early enough. I have to be at work at 4:30 am!” I would say that is nearly 100% false. Just like anything else sleep needs to be scheduled. Just as you would schedule out a meeting with a client or a doctors appointment you need to do the same for your sleep. To plan out your reverse sleep engineer it by subtracting your sleep hours from the time you need to wake up. Set a “bedtime” alarm on your phone and get to bed when you hear it. No arguing!


Not Mobile Enough:

The inability to move correctly is one of the most significant factors that hold CrossFitters back. Most of us work a job that puts us in positions that are not ideal for proper body movement. It is essential for you to find ways in your day to help combat these. Whether it be finding ways to stretch your hips and shoulders periodically throughout the day or moving around while still doing your job. If you walk around all day with bad posture or in bad positions, you cannot expect yourself to move like an athlete when you get to the gym. Try taking a lacrosse ball and a band to work and see what you can get in while at work.  


If you feel like you have your diet and exercise dialed but lack in these three categories, make the change now. These are three easy changes to your life that will provide a huge return.


Richard Andrews