Athlete Spotlight: Loni O.

Since she started with us in October, Loni has truly exemplified what it means to commit to personal progress. In just a short time, she’s attended an impressive 137 classes! Despite juggling a full-time job and raising two kids, Loni never misses a chance to hit the gym. Her dedication is paying off big time, as she’s recently hit personal records in multiple lifts and continues to see improvement across the board. Her secret? It’s no secret, just her unwavering consistency in each session. I always preach consistency trumps intensity, and Loni is proof of that. A standout moment for me was during the open when Loni completed workout 24.1 RX’d under the time cap, showcasing her incredible progress just five months into her journey. Loni, keep kicking ass! – Richard

Loni O. Athlete Spotlight

When did you start CrossFit/BWCF?

  • October 2023

How was your first workout/experience at BWCF?

  • I joined BWCF in 2018 for about six months and then quit. This time was different, though. This time, it felt like I was right where I belonged. I can’t remember the workout on day 1, but I’m assuming it was intense. These past six months, there hasn’t been one single workout that I would call “easy.”

What were your goals when you first started? And how have they changed since you’ve started?

  • My goal initially was to lose weight. Now, my goal is still to trim down some but to build up more muscle. Noticeable muscle. Super-defined muscles!

How have you grown in that time frame? (start to now)

  • My mentality has changed drastically since I started. At first, I didn’t push myself that much. I feel like I worked hard during my workouts, but I didn’t test my limits. I was content with just finishing the workout, and sometimes, I wouldn’t even look at the RX version because I just knew that I couldn’t do that. Sometimes, it takes getting rid of the negatives in your life: thoughts, doubts, people…to open your eyes and see you can do better. Now, I look at the performance version of the workout and think, “I can’t do that YET, but I’m going to try anyway.”

What do you enjoy the most about BWCF?

  • The cardio, lol! No, but to be honest, I enjoy the amazing friends I have made. The before-class talks, the after-class talks, and even though we get in trouble sometimes, the during-class comments/talks are awesome. I love that we can joke around about the funny stuff yet have each other’s backs for the tough times.

What advice do you have for someone who wants to try BWCF?

  • My advice is to come try it out. Whether you have never worked out a day in your life or you are super athletic, you will fit in here, I promise.