Do Something Different!

The beginning of the year is right around the corner, and the time to get back into shape is coming with it. For many, this usually means heading on up to the local Globo gym and mill around on the machines for a couple of weeks until we get bored or feel uncomfortable. Then after we have worn out the seat on the same machine, we stop until the beginning of the next year.

First, here is a little secret; the local Globo gym wants you to sign up and never come. Most of these gyms could not hold 10% of their members if they showed up at the same time to workout. That is why they list their memberships low enough that you do not feel bad about seeing that amount leave your bank account each month, year after year.

When I was younger, I never wanted to go to the gym. Although I played sports, I was always smaller than the other guys, and I felt embarrassed about going. I was always worried that people would judge me because I couldn’t lift as much or that I wasn’t doing something correctly. I started CrossFit on my own at home because a lot of the workouts were bodyweight or with dumbbells and kettlebells. It wasn’t until I met my roommate during my senior year in college that I felt comfortable in the weight room. We worked out together almost every day, and I learned how to lift weights, but after graduation, we lived four hours apart, and I was back to feeling uncomfortable again.

Although I had already done an RX’d CrossFit competition, I was still super nervous to walk into a CrossFit gym. I made the call, and I remember the guy seemed busy (he was very busy, he was a police officer at work) but told me to go in and ask for Shane. Shane was ready for me, greeted me with a smile and a handshake. Introduced me to the class with a funny ice breaker, and the rest is history. I made friends that day that I am still friends with now, and I even coach with a remote program. Shane and I became really good friends as well, and I even stood in his wedding a couple of years later as one of his groomsmen.

A few years later, I co-owned my gym, trying to spread my love for this group coaching program called CrossFit to as many people who are willing to give it a try. If you met me today, you would probably never think that I was too shy to want to go to the gym alone. You definitely wouldn’t believe that talking in front of dozens of people daily would make me nervous. But I was, and CrossFit not only has given me a passion and a career in coaching but also life long friends.

If you are looking for something different and being apart of something more than just a number at a Globo gym, give us a call and try a class. 832-444-3565

See you soon!


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