Field Day Recap!

This past weekend we held our first ever Field Day competition. It was a weekend full of fun, hard work, and a lot of sun, but everyone worked their butts off and we had an awesome event.

We had no idea if the day was going to happen because of the constant rain on the days leading up to Saturday, but the weather cooperated and we were able to compete.

We could not be more happy with how the event turned out. I personally loved seeing everyone work hard and really get to use their training in a competition setting. Many of our athletes had never competed in a CrossFit event, and some had never competed in anything before. Seeing everyone’s competitive side and hunger to win was a real treat as a coach.

I can honestly say I am very proud of everyone. In each event everyone pushed themselves alexcee deadlift crossfit gym baytownand their teammates to finish each event as fast as possible. Because of the scoring system and the fact that this was this was a team event, (a random team selection at that), there was a lot of strategy that went into each workout. Although one team did well at both the field day events and the CrossFit events, a well planned strategy in the field day events proved to be the difference between the top three spots and the rest of the competition. But even teams that may have had a disadvantage still gave their all in every workout. I believe many of the athletes learned they are capable of much more than they thought.

My favorite part of any event at BayWay CrossFit is the camaraderie that we show both during and after the event. Everyone is very supportive of each other and truly wants everyone to do their best. This is what makes CrossFit different than anything else out there. We at BWCF also love our after party get togethers, and anyone that has been to one knows that BWCF knows how to have a good time. This years post competition slip and slide games were epic!

I also want to give a big thank you to everyone who helped make this event happen. Robert, Matt, Abby, Asa, Tam (for helping and competing!) and Hilary. Thank you guys for  helping when needed and enduring the heat and giving up your time to make everything run smoothly. Thank you Dee for getting all the hungry athletes food so they were happy and fed after a day of competing.

crossfit gym baytown drew dlWe hope to repeat this event next year and hopefully make it an annual event. As I said before, this was meant to be more than a competition and an opportunity to test your fitness. It was designed to get you out of your comfort zone, to work as a team with someone you may not have known, and to engage our community and come together and build a culture that is like nothing else.

Be on the look out for some more upcoming events here on our website!





richard clean regionals crossfit gym baytownRichard Andrews
CF-L2 Trainer
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