One thing that makes good CrossFit gyms different is the memories.

I can tell you one memory that almost every CrossFit person has: their first class. For most, it is virtually always “One of the hardest workouts they’ve done.” They’re tired and probably, sweaty and happy.

But for those that truly fall in love with the program, the methodology and the lifestyle remember more than just how tired they were.

I remember my first CrossFit workout at an actual CrossFit gym. I had been doing CrossFit-ish workouts on my own for a while, cherry-picking workouts from the main site and a few other places, but one day a buddy of mine invited me to work out gym he coached at. I remember the people there, and I remember the workout, I remember the smell, I remember the conversations. I loved it.

My second first class was at the first CrossFit gym I was a member of. I showed up for my first day a week or two after I moved home from college. It was one other person and me. The workout had pullups, box jumps, and kettlebell swings. It was a long AMRAP, and I remember the coach and how he was there with us two for the entire time—coaching, helping, cheering all of it. I remember the next class showing up a little early for their class and introducing themselves to me; to this day, I still talk to those people.

I joined that day, I didn’t have a job yet, but I knew I needed that place, and it honestly was the best decision I ever made.

I was talking to some people after class today, and they were telling me the same thing. They remember their first class, who was in it, and the movements. It was a memory that they would never forget, and it got me thinking about my first memories in a CrossFit gym.

It also got me thinking about how many people I have met on their first days. How many people have I given a great first day to, and then how many I probably did not give a great first day to.

CrossFit is one of the greatest things that has ever come into my life. The people and the lifestyle have given me a life that I love. It has taught me so many things and brought some pretty awesome people into my life.

If you have been to BWCF and did not have a good first memory, give me a second chance to make you a great memory. I have grown a lot as a trainer and an owner over the last nine years in business. I have multiple 8+ year members that have been here that long for a reason. We have an average length of membership of 3 years. That’s a crazy long time for a CrossFit gym.

The reason is I have learned what works best for our people, and we do more of that and less of what doesn’t.

Give me a chance to make you a CrossFit first memory!