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Hey Everyone!

So in almost all of my recent emails, I have mentioned coaching you from your home while you’re forced to take time away from the gym. I have received a lot of questions on this, so I want to try and give out some information on what I want to do to help you.

First off, as long as you are a member of BWCF, you will be able to receive the “HOME” workouts through Wodify. I am working on getting some videos for you each day so that you can get some insight into the workouts that you are doing.

I have been training athletes remotely since 2017. It is something that I have become quite good at and understand what it takes to keep my athletes engaged, encouraged, and fit.

I currently have five athletes that I train remotely, and before we moved to the new gym, I had over ten spread out through three different states. I also helped train three athletes to high-level competitions, all just missing qualifications to the CrossFit Games via Regionals, RIP. We were able to qualify for regionals and other major competitions throughout the country through systematic programming. I have developed a system of ‘template’ creation, which allows me to customize each athlete’s needs, wants, and workouts. I have already created a template for personalized at home Corona training, and I am ready to take on whoever needs it or wants it.

I only say this because I have experience with this, and programming for any of you remotely would not be new to me as it will be for many other gym owners and coaches.

As a member of BWCF, if you are planning to stay home or if we are forced to close, I will provide personalized home workouts for you if you want them for the same number of days you are paying for the gym. To fill in the other days, you can use the HOME workouts, and you can I can remain in contact with me via text or email to make sure you have the right modifications for those!

Right now, I have sandbags, boxes, and some barbells that I can lend out to members, but if we were forced to close, I would be renting out everything if you wanted it.

Workouts will be built around your goals, fitness level, and equipment you have. Yes, you can do the free stuff, but at some point, you are going to get bored with doing different variations of squats, pushups, situps, and lunges. That is where I come in.

I will provide you each day with a multi-part workout, including a warm-up and your metcon, but also options for additional cardio, strength, skill work, and core and finishers. It will be built in a structured program to ensure that you are getting the most out of your at-home training.

The next step is nutrition coaching. This is something that is just as important as fitness but now more than ever. If you have been stuck at home, I am sure you have already suffered the ‘grazing’ day. These are days that you eat only one or two meals but snack all day. This is terrible! A quick google search of ‘graze eating’ will show articles on articles of how in just a couple weeks you can put on 10-20 pounds. You are going to put on unwanted weight asap. I will help you structure a day and make sure that you are staying satiated so that you don’t graze.

I am currently in talks with MyFitnessPal on getting a discount on their premium subscription. I will provide you with goals to input in the app, and with the premium, you will be able to do it exactly as I say. Then I will add you to the gyms profile and check-in with you daily to help you modify your day and keep you accountable.

From there, its about scheduling your day. Having a multi-part workout means that you can split your day up around your workout(s). I have already put together a preliminary day, and I will help you set up yours. Keeping busy is crucial, and I think I have a good schedule to help you!

Again, if you are BWCF members and want to stay home right now and then at some point, if we are all forced to stay home, I will provide you with this service if you want it. Your monthly membership will provide the cost for it, workouts programmed will be equal to the number of days you pay for, but the nutritional guiding will be included entirely as well as the HOME workouts.

If you are someone reading this and are not a member of BWCF but would like this same help, the price I charge for this service is $250/month, with the first three months paid upfront. It’s a high dollar service I know, but it is worth every penny when it comes to your health, fitness, and sanity.

I am trying to plan everything out so that I can keep everyone fit and healthy through all of this and keep this community together!

As always, if you have questions, let me know!


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