Kettlebell Workshop

This will be a two hour clinic taught by Eric Grimsley, a trainer from Iron Strength Kettlebell Gym in Sugar Land, TX. In this clinic he will demonstrate and teach the proper techniques to a couple kettle bell exercises including the Hardstyle Swing, the Turkish Get Up and troubleshooting the Kettlebell Snatch. Kettlebell Swing is a great way to develop power & explosiveness from your hips and develop lungs that won’t quit! The swing will strengthen your back and test your grip. The swing will help you improve your performance in whatever your sport may be. The Turkish Get Up is a great exercise for the whole body, more specifically, your core and shoulders. It is a great way to work on stability, mobility, and resilience of your shoulders.

Sign Up Here: Sessions —> Drop Ins —> Saturday 10/03/2015: Workshop – Then follow the instructions 

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