Post Open

The Open is over, and I am finally getting back into the swing of things.


The Open this year was probably the most fun I have had with anyone to date. It was the first time that I was just an ordinary CrossFitter. Enjoying the workouts and testing myself when I could. This was the first year that our gym did a Friday Night Lights event each week and It was a huge hit.


Competing while injured is tough, mainly when you doing everything at 110% is your usual path. There were many times this year where I thought I would not be able to do something and surprised myself. This Open in many ways reminded me of when I first started CrossFit. I was unsure of what I was going to be able to do in each workout so I just kind of winged each one. No game plan just went for it and avoided pain. It was really fun, and I want to have this approach every year!


BayWay CrossFit’s community is like no other gyms. I know that every gym owner would say the same about their community, but I believe if they spent any time with our community they would change their mind. Every Friday we had a great turn out, and everyone was so supportive of new people, veterans or someone they had never met before. We had firebreathers and newbies throwing down together and having a good time. Anyone that has ever been a member at BWCF knows that we work hard and we party harder. So post-workout each Friday was even more fun than the workouts themselves. Usually, when the open is over, I am so relieved and happy, but this year I am sad it is over. I cannot wait for next year, and I am super proud of everyone performance and more importantly the effort everyone put forth.



I was working with a few remote clients that did awesome this year and I am super proud of each of them. Brittany Chestnut, Alyssa Christian and Mollie Pate (45-49) all qualified for regionals this year. It was our first year working together, and it has been a real pleasure. I have also been working individually outside of class workouts with Coach Matt who improved his placings by almost 1,000 spots and even had two top 100 finishes. And my man Kevin for not quitting after battling a sickness during the second week of the open!


The Open is a fun time to test yourself and it comes around each year. It should give you a reason to show up to class and try to get better. I heard a great quote on a podcast yesterday talking about kids and sports, but I feel it applies here as well. “You do not have to be the best when you walk in the door. You just need to get better every day.” If you came to class 4 times a week between now and next years Open, imagine how much better you would be?









Richard Andrews