Recovery Time

Make sure that you are taking complete advantage of your recovery time outside of the box. Quality food, fluid intake, and mobility are keys to proper recovery. Here is a quick chart with recovery times for different types of exercise.

recovery time

Serious Strength TrainingTudor Bompa 

Table 4.1 Explained:  

  • Restoration of ATP-PC: Aided by Creatine Supplementation
  • Restoration of Muscle Gycogen: It has to be CARBS
  • Removal of lactic acid from muscle of blood: Post Fran & Cindy = Aided by an active cool down and mobility
  • Restoration of vitamins and enzymes: Adequate protein and post workout nutrition (food, glutamine, beta alanine)
  • Recovery from high-intensity strength training: Active Recovery Day (jogging, rowing, swimming, and light calisthenics)
  • Repayment of ATP-Pc and oxygen debt (faster portion):  Creatine (Monohydrate & AAB)
  • Repayment of ATP-PC and oxygen debt (slower portion): Active Recovery Post Workout


Bompa, T. (n.d.). Serious Strength Training (3rd ed., p. 135).