Stay @ Home Stories: The Mooney’s

In keeping with my daily post of people who have been kicking ass during the stay at home, today is the Mooney clan.

Kelly did a testimonial video for me before we were forced to shut down, so some of yall may know her already from this, but today we will talk about her whole family.

Like Robert yesterday, Kelly was a plus one from her husband, Robert. He started a week or two before she did, but now they are both regulars.

When I first met each of them, they were both very personable.
They told me exactly what they were looking to do and why they are driving to BWCF and not another gym. I appreciated that. No BS with either of these two and honestly, it keeps me in check with what I am providing everyone else, not just them.

Robert reminds me often that CrossFit is not a tall guys thing, and I agree with him, but he still kicks ass anyway. Kelly would tell me she had a hard time putting together some of the lifts, but not anymore, I will touch on that in another paragraph. Both have improved tremendously in their first year at the gym.

The Mooneys have two kids, and both work full-time jobs. They work 12-hour shifts at odd hours, but if you are friends with Kelly on Facebook, you know that they do not miss many workouts, even with the gym closed. Everyone has an excuse, but if yours is “I have kids,” or “I work 12-hour shift work,” it can’t be used here.

The great part about Kelly’s Facebook videos is the fact that the kids participate with them. Kelly would tell me she didn’t get some of the lifts, and now she is teaching her kids how to move and move well at that. Robert told me last week that the youngest one watched a documentary with him and now plans to go to the CrossFit games when he is old enough. Pretty badass!

It makes me proud to see their posts and hear the things about their kids. I love that I have been apart of their fitness journey, and I am ready to be back in the gym with everyone!


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