Staying Diligent Through the Holidays

It’s easy to use the Holidays as an excuse for not exercising. Do not let the Holidays get the best of you. Here are our top 10 reasons to stay diligent to your exercise through the Holidays.

  1. It is easier to stick with it, rather than start over -Realize the end of the year is not the end of your fitness. Consistency through the end of the year will help set you up for a better 2015!
  2. Plan your days ahead of time – Know your schedule and write down the days you are going make it to the gym.
  3. Write down your 2015 Goals today! – Decide now what you want and make it a priority and start on those goals now!
  4. Expect the unexpected – Don’t skip a day to workout because it is not your usual day to exercise, because you never know what could come up later in the week.
  5. HoliDAY – Remember that Thanksgiving and Christmas are one day each, not an excuse for week long binges.
  6. Be able to brag – When everyone is planning their “New Year New Me’s” you can give them advice, and talk about how you were able to stick with your exercise program.
  7. Be selfish about your exercise time – Everyone has family they need to take care of but be selfish about your exercise time so that you can be there for them later.
  8. Buy supplements in advance – Buying your November, December, and January’s supplements in advance will make you want to use them!
  9. Energy – The stresses of the Holidays season can make us feel tired and sluggish but staying constancy with your exercise will actually provide you with more energy!
  10. Have Fun – Remember exercise is like brushing your teeth. It is part of your day but its not a chore.

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