Stopping Time

We all start exercising to make ourselves better, but at some point, we get tired.

Some people are just motivated to exercise because they want to. Others need a reason. I use to be one of those people that just could not wait to get to the gym, but since I have stopped competing in CrossFit and weightlifting competitively, I just haven’t had the want like I used to. So lately, I have been trying to do more competitions so that I have a reason to hit a workout each day.

Some do not want to compete, so they need another reason to show up to the gym each day.

The main reason anyone should workout is their health, but even with a global pandemic, people still do not care about their own health all that much. It is common to think that taking supplements or following gimmicky diets is going to make us healthy. Right now during the pandemic, there are tons of misleading information on how to defend yourself against COVID. The best way to fight off COVID, besides the vaccine, is having a robust immune system, a healthy body, and lungs are really the best defense. All are strengthened through exercise!

If you have loved ones, your health is essential. The longevity and quality of your life means more to them than it does to you. You should choose to be healthy for them more than for you. They may need you forty years from now; you need to be there for them.

The first step is getting into the gym and being consistent. Consistency is key. It is more important than anything else.

I have a member of about six years, and he is one of the most consistent people I have. He is almost 50 but does more than the people half his age at the gym. The reason, he shows up, and he shows up often. He does his thing every day, we do things that he can do, and he tries to just take one step forward each day. He told me a couple years ago that he doesn’t care about his scores, weights, or anything else. What he cares about is stopping time.

To him, his age increases each year, but his body isn’t. If this year he lifts 200 pounds and next year he lifts about the same, to him, he is stopping time. If this year he runs an 8:00 mile and next year runs about the same, he stops time.

By staying fit, he can keep up with his family and be there for them for as long as they need him, essentially stopping time.

Don’t just do it for you, do it for your loved ones.