The Most Important Exercise Tip

CrossFit has come a long way since its inception back in the early 2000’s and because of its popularity many people have at least tried it out. More often than not I will meet someone that did CrossFit for a couple months but fell off for some reason or another. A question I ask those people is, “What have you done since you’ve stopped CrossFit?” At least 90% of the time it is, “I haven’t done anything.”

Obviously this is not a large pool of people to chose from nor is it a real study but more of a trend that I have noticed from people coming back to CrossFit or people that I have met outside of the gym.

I believe the reason for this is the same reason that drew them to CrossFit in the first place.

For most people it is a way for them to get away from the monotony of a typical globo gym setting. Unless you live in the city many times there is not many options for you to chose from as far as exercise outside of your typical globo gym. CrossFit is different and its results have been proven around the world.  

Another reason is the time factor. Most CrossFit classes are an hour long and the “intense” workout portion of the class is usually less than 15 minutes long. But even with that simplicity people see a range of results from weight loss to muscle gain and for some it is simply the functionality of moving without pain again.

Probably the reason people stay in CrossFit beside the results is the instruction factor. Think about how many times you have walked into your globo gym and had no idea what you were going to do or how many times you have repeated the same workout you found online. At most reputable CrossFit gyms you will receive really good instruction as well as a well thought out exercise program that covers multiple time domains and energy systems. There is no questioning movement or searching google for instruction, you just show up.

These three things I believe are the reason why people who are in CrossFit for awhile and stop coming end up not doing any other exercise program afterwards until they walk back into their CrossFit gym.

So what leads people away from CrossFit?

Although CrossFit is designed for everyone it is not for everyone. There is an intensity factor that some people just do not like, and that is totally ok. But for most people it is because their attendance became inconsistent.  

When you first sign up you show up every day you are allowed. You see results and it makes you happy. Then you miss a day one week. Then the next day it you miss as well. Then it slowly starts to become easier and easier for you to continue to miss. You find excuses/reasons why, and most will say, “It is not fitting my schedule.” But really the ease of missing class has become a harder habit to break rather than showing up.

So the most important exercise tip is, Stay Consistent. Do not miss days at the gym because of made up reasons. Bring your kids to the gym, leave an extra set of gym clothes in your car incase you forget or prepare pre workout snack. Whatever is “keeping” you from the gym can be solved. If you come to the gym twice in a week that is probably less than 120 minutes out of your entire week. You can do that. Make the time for yourself. Quit making excuses and get back on the horse.






Richard Andrews


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