What Does It Mean To Be A CrossFitter?


            Tony Robbins, life coach extraordinare, believes that you can measure your success in life by the number of uncomfortable situations you seek out.  In order to change you have to leave comfort behind.  Growth and comfort are simply not compatible. By nature, CrossFit is uncomfortable because it requires you to change not only your physical habits, but also your mental habits.  In return, Crossfit gives you both physical and mental power and wealth.  Moreover, it gives you the opportunity to grow, which is a fundamental need that we all share, but before we can achieve growth we have to embrace the discomfort that is inherent in change.

To be a Crossfitter, more than anything, means to embody a particular mindset—one that refuses to settle, that refuses to be mediocre, and refuses to accept what “conventional wisdom” says about health, fitness and athleticism.  To be a Crossfitter means to be somewhat of a rebel, to go against the grain.  In order to have success and truly reach your end goals, you must first embrace the mindset it takes to be successful.  Embrace change, embrace the unknown, embrace uncomfortable, embrace your weaknesses.

The purpose of a Crossfit box is to empower individuals by providing a space where everyone invests in a collective commitment to improve.  Going a step further, at BWCF we want to raise the bar higher—to be the best of the best.  In order to do this we must first change our mindset.  We are on the heels of Spring and the Crossfit Open is almost here.  We want to wish good luck to all of the athletes competing.  And to all the athletes on the fence about competing—go for it.  Get  out of your comfort zone and grow.  It’s not about winning or losing, it’s about taking action and getting better.  Lastly, we want to commend all of our athletes for your efforts day in and day out.  We know it is hard sometimes, but we must remind ourselves that by committing to being a CrossFitter, we are embracing discomfort in exchange for growth!


Written by: Dennis Robbins