Why Exercise & Diet is Hard

Exercise is easy, you show up. I think everyone can agree that getting to the gym is the hardest part of their workout. Once you are there most of us knock out what we need to do and go home. A little selfless promotion here but a CrossFit gym is even easier. We already have your workout written up for you, we warm up you up and cool you down and we show you, teach you and break down every movement so you can perform them safely and optimally.


We all know that the “real” hard part of getting your body the way you want it is the diet. But a diet really isn’t that hard either. Here is a quick break down of what exactly a diet should look like:

-Healthy Food Choices

-Eating Enough Food

-Eating at the Right Time


Those are the attributes that make up a proper diet that will help you change your body composition. Are there more attributes? Sure, but if you can do those three your body will change in a positive way. (want to find out more about those three attributes shoot us an email [email protected])


So if exercise is as simple as showing up and to get in shape and change body composition is built of only three attributes why is it so hard for people to STICK TO SOMETHING?


The answer is simple, Judgment from others.


Anyone who has tried a new exercise program or diet has had some type of judgement from someone. Whether it’s them saying, “That program is too hard core for me,” or “Do you really weigh and measure your food?”


Little comments like that create self doubt and eventually you lose desire to continue with whatever you are doing before you really even get into the program.


I was listening to a podcast recently and I heard the phrase, “Stick up for yourself, and you will really be sticking up for them.” The basis of that is at some point they are going to give in when they realize that you really can stick to something.


Nothing gives more satisfaction to someone who doesn’t diet or exercise to hear about or see someone who stopped their diet or quit their gym.


Surround yourself with like minded and driven individuals and progress will happen. If you are surrounded by people who bring you down because of your positive life choices stay strong and when they see your change they will come around.


This is a really cool clip from a video I watched with Katrin Davidsdottir, 2x CrossFit Games Champ, talks about her mind set when people give her crap about eating how she needs to eat. The video should start right where they talk about it.



If you want more information on diet and exercise check out our website and sign up for a free intro!!!!!


Richard Andrews


Co-Owner BWCF




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