Why Short Why Long

When I am writing out the gym’s program, I usually do it in 12-week cycles, and each one is programmed with a specific purpose. We program a few testing workouts at the beginning of the cycle and use those 12 weeks to improve on those movements with the ultimate goal of improving our scores from the testing workouts.

The testing workouts are designed to be different not only in structure and movement but different energy systems as well. The beauty of CrossFit is that it doesn’t focus on making someone fit in one way. An example of this is a runner; most people who run for exercise only train one energy system. They become good at moving slowly for long distances and creating a body that is good at running but usually lacking in strength.  

Another example would be a weightlifter. They train in short, intense sets focusing on moving fast. They only work one energy system and become good at moving fast for a short period of time, and usually, have the capability of moving some heavyweight but anything aerobic they will struggle.

The goal of our program is to create a variance in your workouts so that your body is continually being forced to adapt to the new stress. This is done weekly by varying different time domains, movements, and weights. The difference between our program and other CrossFit gyms is that we create a 12-week goal based cycle that has a purpose. It is structured, not random, and because of this, you can have success without doing workouts that are designed to destroy you.

It is crucial that a gym understands its program. Some gyms purchase programming from another coach or follow an online template that creates a structured program with goals, but the issue I have with this is, the goals established for your gym are someone else’s and not yours.

Find a gym that programs out a structured program of their own. One that creates goals for you through a cycle that isn’t filled with workouts designed to destroy you. To get the most out of a program like this means that you need to show up on the long workouts and the short ones. Because that is where your gains are made.

Richard Andrews


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