Wrapping Up the Week

So its Friday, and it doesn’t feel like Friday. Most weeks end with relief and some congregation, but not this Friday. This Friday, we will all be homebodies, and we will all Netflix and Chill.

My sister has been staying with us through this ‘stay at home order.’ As I am sure, you have seen in my videos. One thing that our mom taught us both to do was cook. She made home-cooked meals regularly and had us help her often. Katy is a great cook and makes most of her meals off the top of her head. Yesterday she said she was going to make eggs on avocado toast, so we filmed it. Here’s the video, enjoy!

Monday, I am going to be adding to our current online program that we are offering. Right now, you have the CrossFit program as well as the HOME program. Both we have been posting videos on and providing tons of modifications.

We will continue to do that, but now on the wodify app, there will be a “Kids Speed & Strength” section. I have had a lot of questions on what kids should be doing, so I put this together. It will be a five-day program that will have movements for the kids to do that will help them develop sport-specific training—meaning speed and agility drills, as well as some explosive work. I will attach youtube videos on all movements so that you can show them. There will be lateral movements, so unless you feel that you are athletic enough to do them, please let the kids do the kids program. Lateral movements on older bodies are not a good combination lol.

I will also be reaching out to the people who put that they were looking for customized programs and one on one coaching outside of what we are already doing.

Anyone who wants to join our online nutrition work as well needs to send me an email. I have already received a couple of emails from people who have lost weight during this following our guidelines!

As always, reach out to me if you need help with anything!

Stay moving my friends,

Now my rant if you made it this far:
This situation that we are in right now is more significant than any one person. Take care of yourself so that you can take care of your family. If something happens to you, who is going to take care of them? Let your health be your motivator; let your family’s health be your motivator. Stop eating crap, and don’t skip workouts. Even if you are not putting full effort into the workout, you are doing something that is going to be beneficial to your health.
And lastly, we all know we need to social distance. It’s basically the dieting of 2020. We know we should be doing it, and some will and some won’t. We know what can happen when we don’t diet, and we know what could happen when we don’t social distance. What we don’t need is people planning their best, “I told you so’s,” for when this is all over. No one cares if you were the first to post on social media about it. If you are thinking of only you, how this plays into politics, how you can be right or virtue signaling, YOU ARE DOING HUMAN WRONG.

Rant over.

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