You Don’t Get This At Your Gym

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog about “Doing Something Different” and told a little story about myself and my experience at a CrossFit gym and meeting some life long friends.

I mentioned how I met a friend of mine at the gym, and a year later was one of his groomsmen, and I had a couple of people tell me similar stories. I had people reach out to me and tell me that they have met their best friend at our gym, and even someone I know from out of town messaged me the same thing.

The other day I was going through and editing pictures and found many different pictures of smiling faces and good times from our recent events like Friday Night Lights as well as some older ones from our Veterans Day events and other parties.

There are countless videos of people hanging out before and after classes at the gym. From being at the old gym and kicking it out on the picnic tables to the new gym sitting in the green area, the ability to hang out with your friends before and after a workout is one of the best parts of the class.

I have family members who go to other popular group fitness programs where they meet people in their classes, but they never get to know anyone. There is no outside of the gym events, no parties, and no place to hang out. They are chain/franchised companies whose main job is to get people in the door and then right out the door. Relationship building between the owners, trainers, and members is not high on the priority list.

At our gym, we call this difference “Community.” A community helps you stay committed. A community enables you to grow as a person. A community works, but you have to give it a try. Attend events, participate in challenges, and come to the gym to have fun. It will change your world.

Fitness and health are just part of what you can develop here at BayWay CrossFit, but those are not the only thing. If you haven’t given our community a try yet, stop by and see what we are all about.


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