5 Tips to help you make and KEEP your New Year’s Resolutions

The start of a new year is an opportunity for us to start fresh and improve our lives.  My first experience with making successful new year resolutions was back in 2011.  I made a huge list of ways to better myself and I managed to attain ALL of the goals I wrote for myself back then.  As a matter of fact, working out with you fine people at Bayway Crossfit is part of one of those resolutions.  Seven years and still holding strong!  So let me provide you with some tricks I learned while keeping my new year resolutions.

  1. Be in the right frame of mind.  You have to really want to see the changes in yourself if you want these resolutions to stick.  Admit to yourself that you will be tempted to fall back into old habits, and occasionally you will succumb to those temptations.  It’s OK!  Each day provides a clean slate and a chance to leave mistakes behind.
  2. Set goals that are achievable, specific, and measurable.  Setting goals that are way our of our league is just setting us up for failure.  I’ll use one of my resolutions as an example.  I’m not going to say “I want to lose body fat”.  Instead I’ll say “I want to reduce my body fat composition by 5% this year.”  The first goal has no finish line, but the second is one I can work towards.
  3. Have a plan for your goals.  Add a section to your goal which outlines how you’re going achieve it.  Take the above example.  I want to reduce my body fat composition by 5% by: a) incorporating 3 strength-training sessions a week b) doing Crossfit at least 3 times per week c) following my nutrition coaches’ plans for me on the Eat to Perform platform d) have quarterly Bod Pod/DEXA scans to monitor my progress.
  4. Make a physical list of your goals, and post them where you can see them every day.  It’s an effective way of holding yourself accountable.  I post my lists on my bathroom mirror and check off boxes as I reach the goal.  I’ll even adjust them if necessary.
  5. Celebrate your victories!  Have a pre-planned celebration in mind for when you reach your goals.  For me, I’ll be celebrating with some new (expensive) boots I’ve had my eye on for a while.

I hope seeing these tips have inspired you to write your own resolutions.  I can’t wait to see what plans everyone has for themselves this year.  Good luck!



Jamie Tolleson

Crossfit Level 1 Trainer

Bayway Crossfit