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Richard Andrews owner of BayWay CrossFit

Richard Andrews


What initially began as a personal hobby to have a convenient workout spot for myself has blossomed into one of the most rewarding aspects of my life. BayWay CrossFit shines brightly in a town where people are constantly striving to better themselves day by day. It’s our tight-knit community that has kept our doors open for nearly 12 years, and it’s that same community that will propel our gym into the future. As the gym has expanded, so has our incredible team. We’re fortunate to have some of the strongest individuals leading our gym, and each one of them shares the common goal of helping our members reach their fitness goals. BayWay CrossFit is truly a special place, and its unique essence can only be fully understood by experiencing it firsthand. So, come on over and be a part of the best fitness community in the Baytown area!

Jamie coach at BayWay CrossFit



– Favorite WOD: “Murph”
– Least Favorite WOD: Any kind of rowing/thruster combination.
– Time CrossFitting: 2013
– What is CrossFit to you: CrossFit is proof that I AM strong. It’s a challenge every day I step foot onto the gym floor, but I keep at it no matter my performance.
– Favorite Workout Music: Rock music with a driving beat
– Qualifications & Accomplishments: CF-L2 Trainer




– Favorite WOD: Some sort of Squats!!!
– Least Favorite WOD: Open Workout 21.1
– Time CrossFitting: Since 2018
– What is CrossFit to you: CrossFit is my escape. It has helped me more mentally than it has physically.
– Favorite Workout Music: Anything with Bad Bunny!
– Qualifications & Accomplishments: CF-L1 Trainer

Chrissa coach at BayWay CrossFit



– Favorite WOD: If it has handstands in it, I LOVE IT!
– Least Favorite WOD: I HATE RUNNING
– Time CrossFitting: Since 2017
– What is CrossFit to you: I love that my husband and I go together, but also, I love tacos!
– Favorite Workout Music: 90’s Hip-Hop
– Qualifications & Accomplishments: CF-L1 Trainer




– Favorite WOD: Fran
– Least Favorite WOD: Anything with burpees
– Time CrossFitting: Just over 3 years right now
– What is CrossFit to you? CrossFit is my stress reliever. It’s like another home to me, and when I’m not there, I feel like I am missing out.
– Favorite Workout Music: Hip-hop
– Qualifications & Accomplishments: CF-L1 Trainer




– Favorite WOD: Any Chipper Style Workout
– Least Favorite WOD: Nada, I love them all
– Time CrossFitting: 3 Years as of now
– What is CrossFit to you? CrossFit to me, is a big playground. A place to get away and get fit.
– Favorite Workout Music: Classic Rock. Pink Floyd to be Specific
– Qualifications & Accomplishments: CF-L1 Trainer

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