CrossFitters, You Should Be Doing These

What makes CrossFit different than just about every other exercise program is the community inside each gym. If you talk to anyone who is in love with their gym it is usually because of the people that are there. But as a member of a CrossFit gym it is your responsibility to help grow and keep that community into something you want it to be. Below are the biggest things I believe we should all be doing.


Cheering On Classmates:


Something I preach at my gym is no one puts their equipment away until everyone is finished with the workout. It is never cool to still have one round left and see half the class putting their equipment away. Sometimes we finish a workout and we legitimately need a minute or two in front of the fan, but after you catch your snap find someone that needs some encouragement. Do their last few burpees with them or jog their last lap with them. This not only will make you feel great it will help them and help continue to build the awesome community that CrossFit is known for!





Let’s be honest the majority of CrossFitters are in it to look sexy and be able to run from a dog if the time comes. But signing up for a competition gives you something to get in the gym for. When you have a competition coming up you focus a little more on making sure you make it to class. You spend a little more time at the gym focusing on things you may not be good at, and you will focus a little more on what you are putting into your body to make sure that you are properly fueled. All of this will result in weight loss, lean muscle gain and obviously a better physique.


Checking Your Ego:


The old saying in CrossFit is, “Leave your ego at the door.” Whenever you get a group of people doing a physical activity we cannot help but feel a little competitive. For some their self worth is equivalent to how well they do that day in their workout compared to their peers. Being humble and focusing on you is the only way that you can continue to get better and feel better about yourself. Do not worry about what someone else is doing in their workout because it is not going to help you in any way. Show up do your best  


Again the best part about being a member at a CrossFit gym is the community that is built within it. Making new friends, training with people, enjoying exercise and pushing yourself to be a better you is all built with a good community. Help your fellow classmates, sign up for a competition and stay humble. Do these three things and CrossFit will become more than just an exercise program! If you are intersted in being apart of our community shoot me a text or give me a phone call at 832-444-3565.


Richard Andrews


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