Gyms are Open, How do you choose?

Yesterday Texas gyms were allowed to reopen. We are limited with our operations, but that doesn’t mean we cannot provide an excellent service.

I would think most of the country is still in caution of the coronavirus but ready to get back to some normalcy. I know this because that is how I am!

So with gyms open, what should you do?

You have two options, continue to workout at home or ease your way back to the gym.

It’s essential to exercise, but it is also necessary to be safe. Staying safe means two different things now, training safe and training in a clean environment.

Training safe means that you are following a well written and structured program as well as doing the exercise correctly. Finding a gym where they have both is key. Jumping right back into a program as if you never stopped is dangerous. Right now, we are easing people back in with a ReBuild program. Each day we will reintroduce movements back to the community and build intensity over the next few weeks as well. Now is the best time to get started with us because it doesn’t matter if you never stopped working out, are new to working out or coming back to fitness our program will get you where you want to be.

At our gym, we take cleanliness very seriously. Even before coronavirus, we already had a rigorous cleaning process. Every member was required to clean their equipment after they use it as well as mop up their workout area. A well-managed class with trainers who know each person can ensure that each piece of equipment is clean as well as the used area. We know who was there and what was used. This was already being done before coronavirus, so the systems were already in place. We have just increased our effectiveness as trainers in between classes to clean and spray equipment a second time. Globo and non-group class style gyms cannot manage this as well. We also have ensured that all our members can workout in an area that is spaced out enough from their neighbors to abide by social distancing guidelines.

If you are ready to get in shape or get back into shape, fill out this free trial form and come in for a free class this week!

Stay moving my friends!

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