Ready to hit the beach?

Outdoor activities are some of the safest things to do right now, so hitting the beach has got to be on the top of your list, so its time to get beach body ready!

Everyone wants to hit the beach looking like they’ve been at the gym, but we have been missing it for the last 6-8 weeks. With summer here already, we need to get into a program that will help you get your body ready fast.

Our program is a combination of resistance training and cardio. We use your typical weights like barbells and dumbbells but also add in other resistance movements like pullups and pushups—cardio wise we can do anything from biking and running to rowing. There are endless combinations of movements that we can combine to create some pretty killer workouts.

This is important because repeating the same routine weekly doesn’t yield consistent results. Having a variety of time domains and movements keeps your body guessing and produces some serious gains. This is the fastest way to start burning some of that unwanted COVID pounds that might have been gained during the stay at home, and getting your body closer to being ready for the beach!

The theoretical part of our program is simple, but the application is where it gets a little tricky. You can always throw together different movements you find from the internet with some random rep schemes, but what’s missing is structure. What makes our program successful is the attack of different energy systems.

Your body uses three metabolic pathways broken down into two cardiovascular systems: anaerobic and aerobic. Knowing how to reach into these is essential to building fitness. You have to vary your workouts so that you are hitting all of these pathways. By doing that, you are no longer specializing and can reach different levels of fitness. This means you will be burning more fat and building more lean muscle and getting beach muscles ready!

The last part of getting beach ready is having someone help you do it. Having a good trainer that makes sure you are doing all exercises correctly is key to getting the most out of all the workouts. Not only for safety but for the effectiveness of workouts. Learning new movements is fun, and we can teach you how to do them all!

If you are looking to be beach ready quick, we are the place! Follow this link to sign up for a free class!

Stay moving my friends!