I Don’t Have Time

Since we started BayWay CrossFit in 2012, I have heard the reason, “I do not have time,” more than any other reason for not working out. Granted I believe that some people are extremely busy with their kids, work or other obligations but to say you do not have time is honestly a cop out. I am not saying that you need to go to BayWay CrossFit (although starting in February we will be offering over 50 hours a week, including weekends) but to say you cannot commit at least a couple hours a week to exercise is just asinine.

Exercise can be done in many ways, and often you can search google to find a workout to do at home with equipment or household items. Yes, there is some self-motivation needed to do this, but if you cannot make it to a gym you need to find something to motivate you!

The purpose of this blog is not because of someone telling me they do not have time but because of a Facebook post I saw last week. Because I have heard the excuse, “I do not have time” so many times this post made me smile.

For those that say or think they do not have time to workout and have an iPhone follow these instructions.

Go to ‘Settings’ -> ‘Battery’ -> Wait for it to load and click ‘Last 7 Days’ -> then click the ‘Clock’ next to it. Here are some screenshots of how to do it and where I spend most of my time. Ignore that I spend 5.5 hours on text messages and have over 250 unread messages.










Where I spent most of my time surprised me and I am sure that it will do the same for some of those that say they do not have time.  If you are spending multiple hours on different social media platforms each week you have time to workout or perform better at work ;)))))))

Do not say, “I do not have time” when you mean “I do not want to try.”

Richard Andrews

CF – L2

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