Keep Fitness Fun

At Bayway Crossfit, our goal is to educate and inspire you to make fitness a part of your life. As coaches, we believe that if you enjoy your fitness regime, you are more likely to adhere to it. I have been in the fitness community for a good while now and I have always made sure that when I coach/teach, I make sure to run a fun, lighthearted class so that the people who are in my class are not only getting a great workout, but they are also having fun while doing so.

Exercising is hard enough as it is and going to a class or training while the coach is teaching like a drill instructor or like Major Payne doesn’t make the class any easier; as coaches, our job is not to yell at you for an hour and make sure that you can’t hear yourself think over our screaming and yelling. As I said before, our job is to educate and inspire you to make health and fitness a priority. When the class is fun, it becomes something you GET to do instead of something you HAVE to do.

The best part about coaching is when you realize that everyone there is having fun with you. I remember one time I was teaching the Air Squat, this was on a day where I decided to double my order at Chipotle, and on the third or fourth air squat I went a little too deep and busted a few seams in my brand new Lulu’s! I didn’t think that anyone noticed until the entire class started laughing. The best part about the whole thing was everyone got their laugh we moved on with class like nothing happened. I love this place and I love coaching classes!

All this being said, keep your fitness fun and make it something you look forward to everyday! Find a a couple people or a group of people that make exercise fun and keeps you coming back everyday. Consistency always wins over intensity.

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Matt Neid

M.S., CF-L1