Love Not Hate

I had the majority of this post ready for Monday morning, but in light of the add on to the situation brought on by the CEO of CrossFit, I felt I needed a small edit and to post it early.

If you haven’t seen what was posted, a quick google search will help you find out what he said. Know that we do not condone or support any of the comments made by Greg Glassman. Speaking in this way only creates more division and less inclusivity.

Inclusivity is a common subject in many of my blogs and videos. I mention it often because it is something that our BayWay CrossFit community has always been about. Every person is welcome. Hate is not.

Everything I post is about the gym and Fitness because that is what I know. Talking outside of my “expert” knowledge is not something I often do.

BWCF has been in business for almost eight years, and not once do I recall a moment of real hate, in any way, but especially not in a racial way.

Inside BWCF, people share the common bond of sweat and hard work. The common issue in our gym is about who is cutting reps and not hateful actions or rhetoric.

I have always wanted BWCF to be a place for someone to get away from their daily struggles. To be a happy place that you can come and feel included. Leave your troubles at the door and clear your mind and build your body for an hour.

When you show up to a class at BWCF, you are part of a diverse group that is ready to work together, train together, and party together.

It doesn’t matter where you came from, what you look like, or how you live. When you walk through the door, you are a BWCF member and part of the best community in Baytown.

We do not tolerate hate in any way, especially racism. We are a community of people who bring each other up and help each other become better versions of ourselves every day.

Stay moving my friends,