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BayWay CrossFit continues to prove that it is the premier fitness program when it comes to creating a general level of physical preparedness for the everyday person in the Baytown area.

Each day we make our members better in a new area. When explaining our program to someone new, I use the belt system in martial arts. Everyone starts as a white belt, and with time you will ‘level up.’ You do not go from a white belt to a black belt in a year; it takes time. You help your advancement by doing extra classes or additional workouts, and even at times, competing. Fitness as sports very similar.

I have been an avid supporter of competing in the sport for as long as I can remember. Signing up for a competition gives you a reason to get into the gym. It is harder to le yourself skip whenever you know you have to perform in a few months.

Many times people start practicing pull-ups or doing some extra lifting, and that is great, and exactly how you start. But with the time, you will need a more structured program that fits with your general fitness (CrossFit class) program you are already following.

We have been offering this specific program as an add on to our everyday CrossFit classes for a while now but never had the space to do allow participation for it. That is no longer the case. Although the elements can sometimes be a factor, our outdoor area provides for training for those that are wanting to do our extra work during designated hours.

Our extra work is $6.50 extra a month to your CrossFit membership. It is broken into two parts – A. Extra Conditioning and B. Extra Strength & Skill Work. If done straight through, you are looking at about 30-60 minutes of extra work. Time can be a factor, but if you are looking to excel at certain things, additional time is what you need.

Many of our athletes that follow it only do the Strength & Skill part to help with time constraints, and push it real hard during the class workouts! I usually do the extra conditioning and skip the extra strength work. Either way works to fit what you want or need to do.

Our outdoor area is designated for us only by the people who have our extra work. We understand that there are many programs out there for people to do, but they do not line up with our CrossFit program. Our extra work coincides with the daily programming to make sure that we do not use the equipment being used by the main classes and so that our athletes do not over train.

That being said, if you are not ready for all the volume of our extra work, I would be willing to provide you with a purchased program. I have a bunch of programs, from strength to cardio and gymnastics!

If you are interested in any of this, please send me an email!
[email protected]

Stay moving my friends,

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