New Products!!!

This week is the start of the 2015 CrossFit Games. If you are interested in watching these or keeping up with the Leaderboard go to GAMES.CROSSFIT.COM

With the games starting this week we were contacted by all the sponsors of the CrossFit Games offering their products to us so that we can sale them in our gym. We researched all of them and decided on only one. The company is called PurePharma

Pure Pharma is a supplement company that can be found in CrossFit gyms around the world because they provide the purest supplements possible. Their products are naturally produced, scientifically proven and are designed to improve health and athletic performance. There are tons of top CrossFit athletes that take their supplements including Julie Foucher, Scott Panchik, Brooke Ence, and many more Games Athletes. Before PurePharma contacted us Dennis researched their products and has been taking them himself for the last few months, and . 

PurePharma sales about seven different products but the product we are selling is their PurePharma-3. It is an all in one complete package that includes daily servings of their 03 (Ultra Pure Fish Oil), D3 – (Coconut Formula Vitamin D), and their M3 – (Essential Minerals). They provide any information that you may need on their website. This is the highest quality product you can find anywhere. We are selling them for $63.99 a case. You can purchase them at the gym. 

We only sale products that we believe work and are of the highest quality. We have been selling Muscle Pharm products for the last six months because we believe in their products and what they stand for. Recently Muscle Pharm came out with a new line of products called their Black Series. All of the formulas have been updated and there is no proprietary blends. If you are an avid supplement taker No Proprietary Blend supplements are the best you can take. There is no hiding whats in the product and you know what you are getting. The Black Series is only offered to Europa Customers and GNC (it is not even offered on the Muscle Pharm website). Because we are a Europa Customer we decided to test out the new line of Assault. Because of the higher quality product the cost is much higher at $64.99 each. We are going to sell them in the gym for $47.99, but to get the product kicked off and for people to try it out we are going to run a sale on it through August 15th for $38.99 each. You can buy the new Assault Black at the gym. Because there is very limited online sales of this product you can find more information here on GNC’s website