Scaling, Are you doing it right?

CrossFit, by design, is a program where every workout can be made to fit your capabilities. What this means is that no matter what your fitness level, skills or injuries we can modify a workout to fit you and provide with the best workout possible.

Whenever you first start, we have to modify almost every workout. We make sure that you are performing the movements with good form before allowing any weight or intensity to them. We may lower the weight on some workouts or add some time of assistance to help you do movements like pull-ups. If it is something like running, we may shorten a 400m run to 200m. The goal of the modifications is to keep the desired stimulus of the workout.

Maybe you come to us with an old knee injury from a high school sport. You may be in great shape but might need some modifications when it comes to impact movements like box jumps or running. We could substitute box step ups with some loading and a non-impact cardio movement like biking or rowing. Sometimes modifications are necessary to keep you healthy and in the gym. This is hard for people because they want to be doing the same movements that their friends are doing, and it will make them a little discouraged. The thing is even if you are dealing with an old shoulder or knee injury getting a modified workout here is way better than not working out at all or wandering around the local globo gym for an hour.

Now for the paragraph to explain the click bait. I believe that scaling is necessary and needed in many situations, and I or any of my coaches will not force anyone to do something they do not want to or if they do not have the capability to do something. If someone wants to scale something because he or she is not comfortable, then they absolutely should, but at some point, if you’re going to reap the benefits of this program, you are going to have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. I have seen it many times where an athlete, who is capable of doing more, wants to scale something back. (again before the ‘never crossfitters’ read this out of context, I would never make anyone do something they do not want to or something they are not capable of) The problem is that these are the same people who struggle with getting strength PR’s, dieting, losing weight, building muscle, stamina, endurance, and speed. I think that intensity is the key to success in anything in fitness. You need to reach outside of your comfort zone and push yourself a little bit. I am not talking about banging your head into the wall or slamming weights, just a little push. Do a bit more weight, hang on to the bar a little longer, push through the burn on the air bike a little further. These things are tough and hard to do, but if you want to see your body change or see your name further up on the leaderboard, you have to push a little harder.

Richard Andrews

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