Stay At Home Stories: Gabriel Ramos

The last two posts I have really enjoyed writing them up and have got some pretty good feedback on these.

Today I am posting about the Muscle Hamster himself, Gabriel Ramos!

As in my last two posts, Gabe was a plus one with his cousin to a class a little over three years ago. Gabe started at the gym when he was like 22 years old, but because of the way he carries himself and acts, I thought he was closer to my age. When I was 22, I was a goofball, loud, and selfish – he was none of these.

My first impressions of Gabe, outside of his maturity, was that he was super athletic and had a knack for getting hurt lol. He can pick up on anything. You show him one time, and he can do it, and usually do it well. He is a workout role model for the evening classes. People love working out with him because he is an example of what the program is capable of. He allows people to see the complexity of movements as well as what intensity looks like. He is a staple and a must in our evenings.

A little while back, I asked Gabe and his wife Cloud to test a program that I had purchased for the gym but wanted to see how it worked with our current plan. Both of them have seen some impressive gains from the additional work, and because of it, I added it as an option to our daily workouts. I remember when they first started the program, it had a handstand walking in it. Gabe asked me, “What do I do when it says handstand walk.” I told him, “You handstand walk.” It didn’t matter if you were walking two feet or five feet at time you will get better with practice. Yesterday he posted this video of him doing a 25′ handstand walk without falling but in the middle walking over an object. Hard work pays off!

I am really proud of Gabe and his desire to be better. He has put in the work daily, even while away from the gym. He pushes his wife and mother to get in and workout and leads from the front. BWCF can’t wait to have him back!

What I realize writing these posts is that I am inspired by so many people and didn’t even know it. The people I get to work with all have a story, and all wake up daily and make themselves better. I am a very fortunate guy, and I thank everyone for being apart of this community!

Stay moving my friends!

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