Stay At Home Stories: The Teel’s

Before we were given the stay at home order, I was going to around to members houses and working out with them. What I realized is that several members have some pretty awesome home gyms. One of the houses I went to was Bryan and Chrissa Teel’s, and they have a sweet set up!

Chrissa started at the gym about three years ago, in typical fashion, as plus one. She started in the morning classes and would bring her friends when she could convince them to come. Finally, a year later, she got Bryan to come. Since then, they have been staples at BWCF.

I could go on and on about how awsome the Teels are, but I am trying to keep these posts to less than 500 words or less and to do them justice thoroughly, I would need a multi-page add in the Houston Chronicle.

Chrissa is one of the most genuine people I have ever met. She is involved in so many things in her community and is a real leader. At the gym, she is always looking to help and support when she can, and just before the stay at home order, became an official CrossFit Level 1 Trainer!!!!! One of my first memories of Chrissa was one where I almost had a heart attack. Anyone that knows me knows that I am all about safety. Chrissa was still pretty new and was over on the corner rig at the old gym with a group of people. Being a former gymnast, she wanted to see if she could still get up on top of the bar, doing a muscle-up. Out of the corner of my eye, I see her jump up, swing around a bit, and then pull herself up. Everyone clapped and cheered in true BWCF fashion, but then she does a forward roll around the bar, and I about fell to the floor. I for real thought she slipped and fallen, but she spun around, stuck the landing and be-bopped out from under the rig to the high fives of the watching group. My jaw and heart, I think, are still resting on the floor at the old gym.

Bryan officially became a member bout a year and a half ago but had dropped in a few times with Chrissa beforehand. Anyone that knows Bryan knows that he tells it how it is, zero sugar-coating, and when he would come to class with her, he would say to me, “This cardio shit is hard.” Bryan is one of those guys who when it’s tough, he wants to keep going until it isn’t. He is a very successful man, and I would bet this attribute has something to do with it. He has missed very few workouts since joining and has seen some crazy improvements. Even during this stay at home order, he is still hitting personal bests on lifts and beating previous metcon times. Like who is still hitting personal bests during coronavirus???? With all of their working out during the stay at home, Bryan and Chrissa have even inspired a few of their friends to try out BWCF when we reopen!

Bryan and Chrissa have become some of my closest friends. They are the most helpful people I have ever met. If there is something at the gym that is going on, I can almost always expect a call or text from one of them asking if I need help. There is for real nothing that I could ever do to repay them for the support they have given me. I am very fortunate to have them as friends, and the BWCF community is lucky to have them as well.

Stay moving my friends!


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