The Best CrossFit Training Shoe

Anyone that knows me knows I love shoes. I am not your typical sneakerhead who waits in front of the computer for the latest release, but I do buy a lot of workout shoes. One of my favorite things to do is to see someone wearing a CrossFit specific shoe and strike up a conversation with them solely based of the possibility that they might do CrossFit. A simple, “Where do you CrossFit at?” Usually will make me a new friend in less than five minutes. 

Most people that start at my gym eventually come and ask me what shoes they should be wearing. Usually the question goes something like, “Hey Rich, I noticed everyone in the gym is wearing X shoe. Which one do you think is best.” Until recently I would give a cop out answer along the lines of, “Really any of them are great!” But recently that answer has changed.

I have worn just about every major CrossFit shoe on the market and this one by far is the best. The Reebok CrossFit Speed TR 2.0 is my new favorite everyday wod shoe. It is designed for CrossFit so has all the basic tools like a low drop and a low cut for freedom and range of motion but it also has a softer feel and a pretty awesome sole that gives the traction when you need from running to lifting. Another added benefit to them is the little plastic piece on the heel that keeps your feet from dragging on the wall when doing handstand pushups.

I do everything in them from running and jumping to lifting, but the all day comfort is what I enjoy. On days where I am on my feet coaching from 5:00am to 8:00pm these are my go to shoes.

When it comes to training shoes I am usually not worried about the cost. I am going to be wearing them for a purpose and I am going to get every dollar out of them but I would wear this shoe before any other and it is anywhere between $30-50 less than most of the other CrossFit training shoes out there.

So if you haven’t drank the kool-aid and bought yourself a pair of CrossFit training shoes head on over to and buy yourself an early Christmas present. (they run true to size for me)


Richard Andrews

CF, L-2





Photos: @crossfitgames instagram

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