The Internet

One of my favorite songs is by Post Malone, the modern-day Frank Sinatra is called, “The Internet.”

It has almost no relation to the internet in the way that I am referring to it, but he talks about how the internet is freaking people out and how people put some much worth into their social media profiles.

There was a time where I thought I was going to be a professional exerciser and posted almost every workout to the webs. Still, slowly I drifted away from posting because no one ever had anything good to say. It didn’t make me happy to post, and I didn’t feel that I was helping anyone.

A year or so later, I started our youtube page and began to make videos that were instructional and informative. I finally felt that creating content was worth it, and I thought I was helping people with their fitness and not just posting about how fit I was.

I get on social media, and I feel that most people are trying to sell themselves with information that is incorrect or flat out lies.

As I said before on a post a few days ago, fitness is my lane, and I am only talking about fitness posts!

To many people take fitness tips from people on the web because they look good, and they have the body that they want. Just because someone knows what to do when they walk in the gym doesn’t mean they are capable of helping you.

A good example is best used with professional sports. Would you choose Bill Belicheck to coach your team or Travis Kelce? One looks way better than the other, one is way more fit and capable of playing the sport, but one is way more experienced and understands the game on a different level.

That’s the difference between taking advice from someone who looks good on the internet or from the guy at the dumbbell rack with 20-inch biceps. Just because they look the part doesn’t mean they know how to coach you.

I am not taking away anything from someone being able to help, but helping on an Instagram post and helping someone in person is a whole different ball game.

Having someone have eyes on you daily is the only way that you can get better at fitness. And if you are getting better at fitness, you are probably changing your body in the right way. With time your elevated fitness will require an elevated diet, and that is when you will start to change your body and aesthetics truly.

Don’t fall for the, “Get Fit Fast” schemes played by social media fitness influencers. Fitness is a long game. Your body will change with time, but only time and commitment will change it.

Get off the internet and into the gym!

Stay moving my friends,