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Weighted Step-ups (3 x 8/8 – 3131)

Guys use a 24” box and ladies 20”. 3131 represents the tempo that you’ll keep on the box. Starting with your foot on the box you will step up but taking 3 seconds to get there, pause for 1 second on top, and lower down with a 3 second tempo, 1 second pause on the floor. Do all 8 on one leg then all 8 on the other. Use dumbbells for loading


Metcon (Time)

1,000m Row

4 rounds:

15 Pushups

50’ DB FR Lunge 50/35

1,000m Row

4 rounds:


50’ DB FR Lunge
Each of these 4 round workouts start with a 1k Row. They are done back to back, no rest between the 4th round of the first workout and 1k Row that starts the second workout.