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My 3 Favorite Mobility Tools

I honestly before CrossFit most of us did not realize the lack of mobility that we all had. Mobility is not you squeezing between cars in at the Costco parking lot but the ability to get into the bottom of your squat or put something over your head and keep it in a stable position. Coming from a soccer back ground (mostly running) I have always had trouble with my flexibility and just moving well period. So over the years I have found some pretty good tools that I use regularly that have helped me along the way.

Power Bands:

You can find these in any CrossFit gym and online for pretty cheap and I use these almost every day. You can use these for stretching, resistance training and activation work. I usually go through the same routine every day to get my body ready for my workout. Here is my routine:

Band Pull Aparts w/ Red Band (30lb Band) – 20 Reps

Monster Walk w/ Red Band (30lb Band) – 40 steps in each direction

Front Rack Stretch w/ Green Band (65lb Band) – 2 minutes each arm

Hip Flexor Stretch w/ Black Band (100lb Band) – 2 minutes each leg


Foam Roller:

Sometimes mobility means doing some simple soft tissue work on yourself and the foam roller is the easiest way to do this. The foam helps relieve tension (myofascial release) in your muscles that may be tight or sore from exercise or life. I like to get on the foam roller before every training session. I have a routine that I go through but the main reason I use the foam roller is to help me find some problem areas I may not know about until I pass over them. When using the foam roller I mainly focus on my lower body and upper back. Here is my routine:

Full Routine Video: 

Piriformis – 10 passes each leg

IT Band – 10 passes each leg

Quads (inside and out) – 10 passes each part on both legs

Hamstrings – 10 passes each leg

Calves – 10 passes each leg

Upper Back – 10 passes


Sidekick Curve Tool:

This tool is a new addition to my bag. I have always been scared of any type of scrapping because of the possible muscle belly damage you can cause if you do not know what you are doing. This company makes a Bian Stone tool that is a little safer to use on yourself then some of the metal scrapers you see out there. I use this tool every night on areas that I cannot get to with the foam roller or need a little extra TLC. It has honestly kept my shoulders feeling really good. Every night I use it on my delts and lats. If you do any type of volume on your upper body this is an absolute must. Here is a quick video of the tool.



Richard Andrews



Linda – Family

We caught Linda after her workout last week and asked her a few questions. Linda has been a member for 3 years and kicks ass every morning. She’s an inspiration to a lot of people and keeps coming back because of the coaches and the family atmosphere here at BWCF. Find out what shes talking about by signing up for one of our free classes!



Pullups to Chest to Bar

Once you have the pullup down naturally the next progression is to move on to the chest to bar pullup. Sometimes up scaling movements is as simple as changing the direction of your elbows. Chest to bar pullups are the movement that is used in competition. They are easy to judge because if your chest doesn’t touch then you did not complete the rep. Check out this short video for a simple tip to help you with chest to bar pullups.


Eli – Staying Consistent

Eli was a good sport and did a quick testimonial after his 6am class last week! He talks about how CrossFit has changed him into staying consistent with his workouts and how he is setting goals to keep him on track. Come check out one of our classes and see what Eli is talking about!


Keep Fitness Fun

At Bayway Crossfit, our goal is to educate and inspire you to make fitness a part of your life. As coaches, we believe that if you enjoy your fitness regime, you are more likely to adhere to it. I have been in the fitness community for a good while now and I have always made sure that when I coach/teach, I make sure to run a fun, lighthearted class so that the people who are in my class are not only getting a great workout, but they are also having fun while doing so.

Exercising is hard enough as it is and going to a class or training while the coach is teaching like a drill instructor or like Major Payne doesn’t make the class any easier; as coaches, our job is not to yell at you for an hour and make sure that you can’t hear yourself think over our screaming and yelling. As I said before, our job is to educate and inspire you to make health and fitness a priority. When the class is fun, it becomes something you GET to do instead of something you HAVE to do.

The best part about coaching is when you realize that everyone there is having fun with you. I remember one time I was teaching the Air Squat, this was on a day where I decided to double my order at Chipotle, and on the third or fourth air squat I went a little too deep and busted a few seams in my brand new Lulu’s! I didn’t think that anyone noticed until the entire class started laughing. The best part about the whole thing was everyone got their laugh we moved on with class like nothing happened. I love this place and I love coaching classes!

All this being said, keep your fitness fun and make it something you look forward to everyday! Find a a couple people or a group of people that make exercise fun and keeps you coming back everyday. Consistency always wins over intensity.

If you are looking for a place full of fun people sign up for a free class and come check out what BayWay CrossFit has to offer! Jump to this page and sign up for a free class


Matt Neid

M.S., CF-L1



Athlete Spotlight: Klarissa G

Athlete Spotlight


First Name & Last Initial

Klarissa G


Home Town

Magnolia, TX




Assistant to Global SHE Manager and Safety Standard Document Controller


When did you first start CrossFitting?

Feburary 2016


When did you first start training at BayWay CrossFit?

February 2016



Favorite WOD

Anything with hang cleans, double unders or Over-head squats


Least Favorite WOD

Anything with running, push-ups, dumb bells and air assault bike


Tell us about your sports & fitness background?

I played basketball for a couple of years and danced forever


How did you first get exposed to CrossFit? Take us back to your first WOD…what was it, and how did it feel?

A few of our close friends are coaches out in houston. We were invited to Imperium Crossfit for a partner WOD and thought I was going to die.

What sort of changes have you seen in your body, health and fitness since starting CrossFit? (before/after)

My legs have grown so much, in a good way. I went from a size 1 to a 3 to a 5 in less than a year! It’s feels so good to have nice legs 🙂 I like to think that I eat a lot better but I know it’s probably not true. I can’t help it, I love food! I am a lot leaner, stronger and most importantly in shape!


What sort of changes in your life have you experienced out of taking on something like CrossFit that were totally unexpected?

I have met some of the most amazing people and have become close friends. And, I don’t lose my breath when taking the stairs!

Please share with us any favorite CrossFit/BayWay CrossFit moments?

I have a few favorite moments… 1. When I mastered double unders 2. Hitting the 200lb club on my back squat 3. My first rope climb

Any advice for people just getting started?

IT TAKES TIME! I hated hearing that from my gym fam but it’s so true. Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day. You’ll eventually get where you want to be and you have a gym family that’s always rooting for you.


What are your hobbies, interests and/or talents outside of CrossFit?

Dancing, cooking, shopping, eating, traveling, hanging out with my husband, family and friends.


Weight Loss Myths

From nothing but shakes to nothing but protein, I have heard it all. There are tons of “fat loss/weightloss” ideas out there but are any of them real? Here are my top Four Fat Loss myths and why they are not true.


Doing tons of sit ups will help me get abs!

This is probably the most popular of all fat loss theories. The fact is that doing tons of crunches and situps or any variation of them is not going to help  you burn fat. It will help you build a strong core and help you with your exercise but the in order to make those abs show through you are going to have to clean up your diet. Cut out sugar, fast food and bread. Moderate your alcohol and adopt a high intensity exercise program ;-).

Don’t Eat anything past 6:00pm.

This is something I hear pretty often at my gym. When I’m helping someone outline a meal plan I constantly hear, “I don’t eat after I exercise because it’s too late at night.”

Eating the PROPER foods at night, especially post workout, will help your body recover from the day and keep your body from entering the “storage” mode.

Now if your evening meal consists of chickfila, chips, burgers, fries, baked potatoes, tacos, etc. You are probably in for some weight gain. Plan your evenings out and make sure you have a nice healthy dinner and maybe a healthy bedtime snack if needed!


Lifting Weights will make you Bulky.

A common thought amongst many people when really most weightlifting will do the opposite. There are certain programs that are designed to build muscle like a bodybuilder but weights lifted in a functional method at high intensity, like our CrossFit WODs, will actually help build lean muscle and burn fat. Lifting weights in this manner we don’t worry about how much you are lifting but more about how efficiently you are moving.


All I need is a Good Diet and a Good Exercise Program.

Probably the number one thing people are missing from their daily routine is a good night’s sleep. People come to me all the time with a consistent workout schedule and a good diet but no results. My first question to them is, “how much sleep do you get?” Usually the answer is less than 6 hours.

If you do not get over 7 hours of sleep EVERY night your body cannot regulate properly. Sleep is your body’s time to recover. It release hormones and repairs your muscle that got worked that day.


So the keys to losing weight and burning fat are simple:

  1. Spend the time cleaning up your diet rather than putting in extra ab work at the gym.
  2. Eat a healthy dinner post workout no matter what time it is.
  3. Lift weights often but keep them functional and keep them intense.
  4. Sleep is what ties it all together. Without sleep it’s an uphill battle.


If you are intersted in learning more about high intenstiy exercise and how it can help you sign up for a free class now!


Richard Andrews




3 Ways to Stay Fit with a Busy Schedule

Life is busy. I certainly understand that much. But neglecting exercise because of a demanding work schedule is silly. Here are 3 ways for you to stay fit with a busy work schedule.

Group Fitness:

This does not have to be CrossFit gym (although those are the best) but fitness classes usually run on a time schedule and are usually done in under an hour. The best part about group classes is that the workouts are already made up for you. So you do not have to worry about searching the internet for a workout or trying to come up with one yourself. You just show up and workout.

Chose a Program that is Encompassing:

When you are short on time each day each workout needs to have a purpose and hit as many aspects of fitness as possible. What I mean is if you chose a program that is just running you are usually only going to be better at running and rely on that one exercise to reach your goals. Chose a program that uses exercises like running, free weights, calisthenics and core work all at the same time. By combining regimens you can get an more effective workout in a shorter period of time.

Plan and Track Your Fitness:

Before you start your week look at your schedule and plan out the days you want to work out. (you should look to have at least three days of exercise to really see results) Put them on your calendar and do not let anything get in your way. After each workout write it down or use a fitness app in your phone. This is often an overlooked part of fitness. If you do not know your numbers you can never grow your numbers. Write down your weights or times you used each workout and when something like that appears again you can refer back to it and try and improve.

Keep you fitness fun and something that you want to do. We all know that we should be doing it but getting started is the hardest part. If you are looking for somewhere new to start your fitness journey give us a call or sign up for a FREE ONE ON ONE INTRO OR A FREE CLASS!


Richard Andrews


Co-Owner BWCF








I was reading some staggering statistics this weekend while researching for this blog post and what I came across really surprised me; there are over 200,000 different fast food chains in the United States and Americans are spending an average of $190 billion dollars a YEAR on fast food. The reason I am putting these statistics first is because a society as a whole we are over fed but undernourished. As Richard stated before in one of his blog posts, over 24 million Americans are obese and we are not eating the necessary nutrients to sustain our bodies.

So now that the shock and awe factor has passed how about some general guidelines on what to eat, how to eat, and when to eat? One of Richards’s most recent blog posts was about the importance of eating breakfast so I won’t go into too much detail on that but I will say that eating breakfast is the most important meal of the day and is crucial in energizing your body to function throughout the day and a key to any body composition or performance goals. So ask, what do I eat for breakfast? Well, everyone is different and while some people might disagree with my breakfast of choice, I start my day of with several cups of spinach and kale blend with 3-6 eggs all blended in a blender cooked in some ground beef; now, as I said, this is just what I eat and is a suggestion, everyone has a different opinion of breakfast but this is what I have been eating for a little over a year now every day along with a good cup of coffee. This breakfast may seem like a lot of fat and while most people believe that the word “fat” is always negative, eating fats in the morning helps keep you fuller longer and can help slow down your digestion. As of late, I have not been eating carbohydrates in the morning because I do not need to spike my blood sugar early in the morning.  

Lunch is an easy meal for me to make because as I have said in past blogs, I am a huge advocate for meal prepping and my lunch is very basic but still filling. It will normally consists of some type of spiced, low sodium chicken, (I have been keen on making crockpot chicken lately because it takes such little effort to prepare) and some type of green vegetable with a half of an avocado; very simple and very filling. This is usually my last big meal before I workout but if I workout before lunch my meal is a little different and I will discuss pre workout nutrition and post workout nutrition here in a bit.

A normal dinner for me, usually is right after I workout and what your body needs right after exercise needs to be a fast absorbing carbohydrate and my carbohydrate of choice is normally white or red potatoes with either a couple eggs or ground beef because it is quick to make and quick to eat. Once I am finished eating that, I eat some quinoa and chicken with some type of vegetable to hold me over until breakfast. Again these all are quick and easy meals that I can make anytime I need them and prepare them for the week ahead.

Now, pre workout nutrition can be tricky because it is something you need to gauge time wise for yourself because each person is going to be different but normally about an hour and a half before I train, I will eat a piece of fruit and some potatoes so I have something on my stomach and something to hold me over during my training. For some people this may be too much or too soon before training and no one wants to see what they ate mid training session.

Again these are some general ideas and guidelines for what I use to fuel my body on a regular basis and to be honest, I do actually enjoy eating this way. As you fuel your body with good nutrition and get rid of the crap, your taste buds change and your appetite changes with it so I do not have a problem turning down bad food; I fuel my body with what it needs to function and perform well. Again, I am a huge advocate of meal prepping and I believe it is an effective and easy way to change your lifestyle (I do not like the word diet, diets do not work, they come and go, but if you change your lifestyle, that is something that lasts).

I hope you find this blog post helpful and insightful! And if you have any questions or need recipe ideas, feel free to ask!  


Matt Neid





Why Exercise & Diet is Hard

Exercise is easy, you show up. I think everyone can agree that getting to the gym is the hardest part of their workout. Once you are there most of us knock out what we need to do and go home. A little selfless promotion here but a CrossFit gym is even easier. We already have your workout written up for you, we warm up you up and cool you down and we show you, teach you and break down every movement so you can perform them safely and optimally.


We all know that the “real” hard part of getting your body the way you want it is the diet. But a diet really isn’t that hard either. Here is a quick break down of what exactly a diet should look like:

-Healthy Food Choices

-Eating Enough Food

-Eating at the Right Time


Those are the attributes that make up a proper diet that will help you change your body composition. Are there more attributes? Sure, but if you can do those three your body will change in a positive way. (want to find out more about those three attributes shoot us an email [email protected])


So if exercise is as simple as showing up and to get in shape and change body composition is built of only three attributes why is it so hard for people to STICK TO SOMETHING?


The answer is simple, Judgment from others.


Anyone who has tried a new exercise program or diet has had some type of judgement from someone. Whether it’s them saying, “That program is too hard core for me,” or “Do you really weigh and measure your food?”


Little comments like that create self doubt and eventually you lose desire to continue with whatever you are doing before you really even get into the program.


I was listening to a podcast recently and I heard the phrase, “Stick up for yourself, and you will really be sticking up for them.” The basis of that is at some point they are going to give in when they realize that you really can stick to something.


Nothing gives more satisfaction to someone who doesn’t diet or exercise to hear about or see someone who stopped their diet or quit their gym.


Surround yourself with like minded and driven individuals and progress will happen. If you are surrounded by people who bring you down because of your positive life choices stay strong and when they see your change they will come around.


This is a really cool clip from a video I watched with Katrin Davidsdottir, 2x CrossFit Games Champ, talks about her mind set when people give her crap about eating how she needs to eat. The video should start right where they talk about it.



If you want more information on diet and exercise check out our website and sign up for a free intro!!!!!


Richard Andrews


Co-Owner BWCF