The Secret to Longevity In Fitness

Aaron has been a member at our gym for almost four years now, but has been doing CrossFit for about five. There is a stigma on CrossFit that it is dangerous or that it is for young, in-shape people, but Aaron is proof that both are not true. Aaron is by no means old, being barely in his forties, but the fact that he has come to almost 200 hundred classes this year and set over twenty personal records is a testament to his hard work, the program, and his outlook on exercise. Aaron has a motto that he says often as advice to new members, “I go at my pace so I can still be doing this pace next year.” His thought is if next year he hits twenty more personal records he is defying time itself. Most people deteriorate as they go from forty to fifty years old but Aarons goal is get a little better every day so that ten years from now he is a lot better. Everyone wants results right away and cannot look at the big picture. There is a reason Aaron is five years into CrossFit, no injuries and still seeing progress.