Vanessa Memorial Workout

***If you are not a member of our gym and would like a shirt please email your First and Last name and Shirt Size to [email protected] and you can pick your shirts up on the day of the workout. 





On July 11th we will be hosting a workout honoring one of our members who past away last year on July 4th.

On July 11th we will be hosting a fundraiser event in order to raise money for a great cause. 

Before she passed she asked everyone to skip buying her a birthday present (which was the next week, July 12th) and donate money to “Vanessa’s Birthday for a Cause” which was done through One Days Wages and Long Way Home. The money raised would help go towards building a classroom in Guatemala in an area that needed it. As of today she has raised almost $18,000 towards the cause. 

This year her sister has brought a fashion show to Houston and is raising money again in Vanessa name, and we would like to contribute. 

Last year we wrote up a workout in Vanessa’s name. It had all the things that she loved and all the things she loved to hate. It is a tough workout but to us it is more than that. 

We are a little behind on this so we will have to move quickly but we have designed a TShirt to sell and any profits will go to the Rubbish to Runway ReFashion Show and Long Way Home.  

We are going to do a pre-order from Monday to Wednesday. If you are interested in Participating and/or buying a Shirt you must sign up on the pre-order sheet that will be at the gym. Registration/Shirt for the event will cost $25. If you have family or friends that want to participate and/or buy a shirt we will have a different way for them to pay and sign up and will be posted to our website tomorrow

If you have questions about this workout please email richard@baywaycrossfit or Call or Text Richard at832-444-3565. We need to place a pre order as soon as possible so please do not wait. This is for a good cause and even if you are unable to participate on the day a donation will mean a lot!


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