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I was out with some friends the other day, and we got into a conversation about weight-loss and weight loss supplements. I listened to what they ate, how they exercised and what their sleeping habits were. Towards the end of our conversation, we got on the topic of weight loss supplements, and through the conversation, I realized that many people do not understand that weight loss is not a “quick fix” and that supplements promising fast weight loss do not work.  

Most weight loss pills are built around the fancy word “thermogenic.” The basics of a thermogenic are they will raise the temperature of your body hoping to increase your body’s ability to burn fat. The problem with this is that it can cause more serious issues than favorable results. 

The reason I bring up these supplements is that they promise rapid weight loss much like most diet plans. The issue with “rapid weight loss plans/supplements” is that our bodies do not work that way. Our bodies have evolved dramatically since the beginning of time, and rapid changes to your basic physiology typically do not turn out the way we plan. 

Our bodies are amazing, from re-growing skin cells to maintaining body mass. Our brain has a little epicenter center called a hypothalamus and the easiest way I can explain that is that it works much like the thermostat you have in your home. If you force your body to lose weight rapidly, the body goes into storage mode and your food stores itself just in case. Likewise, if you gain too much weight too fast, your body begins to burn fat to maintain balance or homeostasis. The way to lose weight correctly is to lose it slowly; about 0.5lb to 1lb a week.

Fear not though, there are healthy and all natural ways to help achieve your weight loss goals. First one being, eating spicy food/eating peppers. Peppers contain a potent ingredient called capsicum which basically is the spicy part of the pepper and can give you the same “thermogenic” effect as these weight loss supplements without the harmful effects associated with said supplements. Fun little fact, these peppers also are a great all natural anti-inflammatory. Another way to achieve a thermogenic feeling is through exercise.  Exercise will increases your metabolism by increasing heat in your body.

So to summarize, weight loss pills do not work. Exercise, eat well and be patient with your weight loss journey. The road to your goals is long but always worth it


Matt Neid

M.S., CF-L1

Self Proclaimed: Fittest Exxon Employee


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