New Gym, Same Training

The last three months have been pretty hectic for me and the gym with trying to move into the new facility while still getting it put together and then jumping right into the CrossFit Open and hosting an event for five Fridays in a row. But like most fitness facilities with the holidays coming up, things will slow down a little until, and I can get back on track!

BayWay CrossFit has been the premier Functional Fitness & Coaching facility in the Baytown area since the fall of 2012. We have grown year by year because of our awesome community and culture. Over the last eight years, we have provided the best training in a facility that did not meet the same quality. Now we are in a building that allows us endless possibilities of workouts, coaching, and events because of space and equipment we currently have.

Besides, our previous space being small, and a little bit on the older side, we had a significant issue with parking, but that is no longer a problem with over 100 parking spots.

In our old facility, we shared two bathrooms with another business but now have three bathrooms of our own. The smallest of the three is 36 square foot giving you plenty of room to change after work. Our biggest bathroom is 72 square feet with a shower that can be used to get ready before work or even if you need to grab a workout at lunchtime!

This new building was built specifically for our gym, insulating the entire thing in a way that keeps the building warm during the colder months and cool during the summer. We have multiple ‘Big Ass Fans’ and two 15′ bay doors that keep us cool and comfortable even with the Texas heat!

Last but not least, we now have more equipment than any gym similar to ours within 20 miles. We have been in business going on eight years and have accumulated the equipment along the way. We have twelve Air Bikes and Rowers, so you’ll never have to share or wait for your turn. We even have odd equipment like big sandbags, slam balls, ski erg, reverse hyper, and a treadmill. We have a 50′ Rogue Pullup rig that can hold over 20 people on it at a time. You will never have to wait for a pullup bar to open up in the middle of a workout. The rig also allows us to run workouts with rope climbs or any movement that involves gymnastic rings as well as gives us ten squat racks. It truly is the centerpiece of our facility.

BayWay CrossFit is the premier CrossFit and Functional Fitness Coaching facility in the area. If you are looking to start exercising or just looking for a change or to try something new, come try out a class for free!

Richard Andrews

Co-Owner, Head Coach, CF-L2

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